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Groovie Ghoulies/Karloff/Dangerfields/10EW


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Weel that definitely lived up to expectations! :D

I did think there might be slightly more people along when 10 Easy Wishes opened proceedings but no matter. Energetic set and sounded much better than last time I heard them (a common theme as the bands all had really good sound on the night). Tom had props galore including the ill-fated shades and JJ had his rocket lamp with him that didn't really 'take off' as he'd hoped (ohohohohoho). Crowd was quite silent in response to banter but people seemed to enjoy the performance. Dave did say bung mung bung a lot mind.

Karloff up next and holy smokes! Ash looking more dapper than perhaps ever and they just sounded really meaty and gory. 'Hurricane Fighter Plane' a definite highlight and covered any worries that fake blood in your pint can cause any internal problems...

Dangerfields as always played a rip-roaring set of punk 'n' roll and even gained a new manager in the inimitable Derek Ross! Happy days indeed! They won't be back until next summer as they're off recording an album no less! Nice touch after the gig as Griswold thanked Marsh for his continuing support over the years at the DJ booth and he also discovered who Psydoll is (christ he must be chuffed :p ) Hopefully they'll be back as soon as possible with more excellent punkage and even more gigs at Drakes :D

Groovie Ghoulies topped the evening off with their bouncy brand of horror-tinged punk. Nice touches included bringing their own strings of coloured lights and even ace paintings that they hung behind them as they played. They seemed slightly nervous/hyper but were excellent throughout their set. They even finished off with 'Don't Go Out In The Rain (You're Going To Melt)' which I'd been shouting for. Not sure if they always finish with it in which case I must've looked like an arse but that song stands out for me from the stuff I have by them.

All in all a most pleasing gig indeedy with the excellent finish of Jim's chillout CD (the stuff of legend) and once again top marks to Drakes for organising it all. I love that place and will never wash the smiley face off of my hand :D

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and there was Wolfpack and Send More Paramedics!!!!

and you made a Wolfpack fan out of Griswold apparently!


Most pleasing DJing the gig I must admit and Griswold becoming a Wolfpack fan fills me with pride and gooeyness (maybe that's just the fake blood from last night like) - that's what DJing is all about I tell thee!

A pleasing number of people came up asking what band was playing and nodding approvingly. That's what Adam likes to see! :up:

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And a big thank you for Mr Psy(cho)doll for the splendiferous entertainment between live acts!!!!! Never had to bully someone off of the decks before!

Nae problems at all - thanks to Marsh as well mind :p

I can see it now! Psydoll permanent DJ at Drakes! There all night playing ambient, hip hop and chillout tunes then happy tracks in the morning and early afternoon when people come in and then rock again all evening! Bliss. :D

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Nae problems at all - thanks to Marsh as well mind :p

I can see it now! Psydoll permanent DJ at Drakes! There all night playing ambient' date=' hip hop and chillout tunes then happy tracks in the morning and early afternoon when people come in and then rock again all evening! Bliss. :D[/quote']

top dj'in amigo! me especially liking the dwarves song you played! :) great gig...can't belive the dangerfields wont play till next summer :( there goes my plans for a pre-xmas gig with certain death, filthpact and dangerfields (robbie from certain death is on hol too)...groovie ghoulies were great fun...they even played my request of pet sematary! :)

shame on all the pop punkers who go watch shitty local line-ups every week cos you missed out on a truly great gig!

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Guest Andrew Griswold

This gig was ace. The Ghoulies rocked big time and it was great to finally see them up on that Drake's stage. Karloff were also amazing. I've seen these bastards at least ten times over the last few months and they get better every time. Ash, Sid, Rob, Ant and that cunt Pesto - fucking kick-ass legends!

Now, I was expecting this gig to be packed so what went wrong? You know you're in trouble when ridiculous bullshit like the Real McKenzies can sell out Drake's in advance but the Groovie Ghoulies plus two strong local supports plus Belfast's finest ever punk band (cough) struggles to pull 40 people... like, what gives, people?!

Anyway, yes this was our last Aberdeen show for a while. We love playing for you but we gotta take some time out from touring to record our album, clear our debts, shit our pants etc. We'll be back to shake your foundations next summer, killer new album in tow.:)

Psydoll - thank-you for Wolfpack. They destroy. I've already ordered two albums off Amazon. ENT on crack, baby!

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blast it out all available orafices squire!

and Griswold, the best Id recommend:

Wolfpack - All Day Hell(got this one on CD for 4 Euros in luxemburg)

Wolfpack - Lycanthro Punks(thats the one you heard)

and then they changed thier name and released a few, the best being

Wolfbrigade - In Darkness you Feel No Regrets<<< fucking DEADLY!

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