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Any Sunny D fans? (Not the soft drink........)


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Anyone here on the boards like Sunny Day Real Estate (SDRE)? Just wondering as, far as I'm concerned they are one of the finest bands to ever grace the "Emo scene". Anyone that hasn't checked them out yet would do well to pickup Diary followed by their Live album. The reason I like SDRE so much is that over the course of their albums, they never followed a formulaic emo pattern, as they went on they went kinda alt-rock along the way, and Jeremy Enigk has an amazing voice. Best band out of Seatle if you ask me.

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LP2 (The Pink album), was the next release after Diary, a mini album it was similar musically but Jeremy Enigk's vocals are more surreal. Kinda hard to describe its beautiful, but very difficult to distinguish what he's actually singing. How It Feels To Be Something On was the next album, emo mingled with alt rock a good folow up to Diary as far as I'm concerned, as what is the point in releasing similary styled albums? The next release was a live album which had tracks from the previous release, a very good album as it completly captures the live SDRE experience (damn I wish I'd seen them live :rolleyes: ). The final SDRE album is The Rising Tide, probably my least fave release (but then again I haven't given it too many listens yet), it follows the same path as How It Feels, but the lyrics are more simpler in some ways (not in a bad way though).

The Fire Theft, think SDRE meets U2 if you want a simple introduction. Their album is highly acomplished musically, there's a beutiful feel good factor to the whole album. And its one album you can truly appreciate playing back to back. Well there's my tupence worth :gringo:

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You'll be able to get all of the albums from One-Up, though I'm not to sure about The Rising Tide. I got my copy from amazon, I think at the time I tried to order it from One-Up it was deleted (acording to them). I'd highly advise getting LP2 first, the first time I heard it was when I bought it for a friends birthday, he didn't get the cd until a month after his birthday :partyboy:

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