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Multi Fx Pedals


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My last experience of a multi fx was the zoom 505 about 15 years ago, after which I promised myself never again! Now I know they have improved since then but what are the best value multi fx units out there nowadays? I'm more after it for the time based effects as I'm happy with the sound from my amp.


Looking forward to your opinions



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zoom G3 or G5 are very good for the money.  Delays and modulations on them are excellent.    sold mine as I only ever use a bit of delay and a phaser.     I liked the look of the smaller zoom ms50g but i think that it might be a bit fiddly to use in comparison to the G3/G5.


The nova TC repeater is the best delay I've ever had and I've had a few... (tc flashback, mxr carbon copy, Guyatone MD3, echohead, Digitech DL8, boss dd7, tonerider ad3 plus others i';ve forgotten i  owned!).   Never noticed any tonesuck from the TC repeater.

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Guest davetherave

I'm pretty sure davetherave uses one of the newer zoom ones. He gets a very authentic pan pipe sound out of it.


The single stompbox size zoom MS50G has some great FX (including things that resemble panpipes and ambient drones) :)  But it gets mixed in with my other individual pedals, I've used a variety of Boss, Zoom and digitech multi FX over the years and I think I prefer single pedals. Its easy to swap out a pedal or two from a pedal board, whereas your stuck with the sounds on a multi FX?

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