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  1. Got a few bits to shift on: I'll do some pics tomorrow but everything is in vgc. 1. Eminence Cannabis Rex 16ohm 50 watts speaker. These are often put in Fender blackface type amps as an upgrade to the Jensens. This one was in a 2x12 cab which I've changed about, and I was using it with a variety of amps, always sounded awesome. I've used one before in a Deluxe reverb and it was great in that as well. Its about 5 years old done. Mint condition, I might have the original box. These are superb speakers. £50 2, Eminence Legend 1218 - 8ohm 150watts Very smooth and sophisticated speaker - I bought this to use for a specific amp which I then sold on. Its a very well balanced speaker and works either in a 2x12 or a 1x12. probably had around 50 hours use in total so barely broken in at best. £40 3 Montage Thiele ported 1x12 cab: I've changed the grill screws out as the old ones were a bit loose. It also comes with a brand new roqsolid cover which cost me £35 but is worth it. £120. Its one of these. http://www.lean-business.co.uk/eshop/montage-thiele-1x12-front-ported-guitar-cabinet-empty-p-2956.html
  2. Looking for a singer for an established Aberdeen covers band. Current band consists of 2 guitars, bass, drums. Good backing vocals capability within the band, we have gigs booked and full PA. Band tends to do 1-2 gigs a month at most. Looking for a quick learner, reliable vocalist who can put on a bit of a performance.
  3. looking for a decent quality 1x12 Speaker Cab. Preferably empty.
  4. Have a pedal train classic pedal board for sale with the original soft case. there is also something that looks like a psu mounting kit with it tho I'm not entirely sure how it works.condition is mint.£75 I bought a Mono M80 PB3 soft case to use it with as it gives better protection than the pedal train case. its a really good case.£95 If someone wants the Mono case and pedalboard I'lll do a good deal. only selling as I'm going fractal fx!
  5. Ideally looking for cash tbh. This now only has the original pickups In it. £375 picked up
  6. Got a really good example of these. I find the necks on these much nicer than a lot of tele's as this one isn't too chunky. These are quite rare now, and aren't made any more. It has birds eye maple cap on the maple neck, so stands out a bit more, always had loads of compliments at gigs on its looks.Comes with two sets of pickups - the original Seymour duncans' and also a set of Regentone hand wound jobs. I personally prefer the Regentone which are currently in the guitar, but obviously the guitar should be sold with the originals as well, hence both sets. If its a massive deal I will just put back the original pickups in if you really really don't want the regentone!Condition is excellent, no big dings or anything, and it plays really nicely. £400
  7. Yes they are vintage wound, they weren't particularly expensive but I tried a few different sets and these ones suit the guitar perfectly
  8. Something a bit special and rare here. I bought this for a countryesque band I was playing in, but now as not playing in it, don't really need it. The guitar is a G&L Will Ray Tribute thinline telecaster with B-Bender. Its a cracking guitar, and they aren't made any more so you won't see many of these around. The hipshot b-bender works a treat. Couple of things that I've had done to the guitar: 1. the original pickups sounded great, but I'm quite traditional when it comes to teles, so I had a new pickguard made, and I've put in a couple of normal tele pickups, new pots, and a 3 way switch in. I still have the original pickups, pots, and switch and they will be included with the sale should the person buying wish to put it back to the original configuration. 2. The original tuners weren't very good, so I've replaced them with some locking vanson tuners. The new tuners are fecking great and work a treat! I don't have the original tuners any more, think they got chucked. There aren't many of these around at the moment, theres one on Richards guitars for £899, http://rguitars.co.uk/products/will-ray-signature and also one on the bay for £785 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252616081886?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Some piccy's here. I'm looking for a rather bargainous £580.
  9. Got to thin the herd, and am not really using strats a huge deal at the moment.This is in excellent condition, couple of dings on it, but plays and sounds beautiful. If you're not a logo lover and want a strat that kicks the living arse off most fenders then do consider a blade. The RH2's are a step up from the normal blades as well. Has the active boost switches as well, and push pull pot for the Humbucker.Replaced the Neck SC pickup with an Oil City Stonetone - I'll chuck in the original into the case as well.Some oldish pics here:http://s915.photobucket.com/user/thomasw88/library/Blade RH-2 Looking for £500
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