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  1. Whistle Tester

    FOR SALE: Zildjian 22 inch Medium Ride Cymbal

    Great, sounding cymbal.
  2. Whistle Tester

    Guitar Shipping Box

    I can give you a box, P.M. me, for details.
  3. Whistle Tester

    Musicians wanted

    Hi, may I ask for what? Live work, or recording?
  4. Whistle Tester

    Funky bass player Wanted

    Any, around? Experience, own equipment & transport are essential.
  5. Whistle Tester

    Speaker wanted

    No less than 15/20watts, (X 1). What do you have?
  6. Whistle Tester

    Speaker wanted

    Any 10", 8 Ohm Guitar speakers, Lying around, ? Let me know, what you have, please? Thanks,
  7. Whistle Tester

    Surplus Guitar Boxes

    Hi Dave, yes, still available. Can you collect from Dyce?
  8. Whistle Tester

    Surplus Guitar Boxes

    I have 4 cardboard boxes, (Suitable for shipping a hard cased guitar). Free to anyone who needs one?
  9. Whistle Tester

    F.S Gibson SG Standard

    2013 Model. Naturalburst. 9/10 condition. Very light weight. All pot's upgraded to Bare Knuckle 550k + push pull tone pot's. allowing each pick up to be coil tapped. c/w OHSC & Case Candy, (Gibson Booklet). £850. P.M. for more details, Pic's or to arrange to see. Thanks,
  10. Whistle Tester

    FS/FT. Martyn Booth Signature

  11. Whistle Tester

    FS/FT. Martyn Booth Signature

    As titled, Martyn Booth Signature. c/w Hiscox case & leather strap. Autumn burst. rosewood board, Slim neck. Gold hardware. Open to trades, for "High End" guitars, or £2500. P.M. for more details or pics Thanks,
  12. Whistle Tester

    Amp & Cab for sale.

  13. Whistle Tester

    Mains hum

    Fluorescent light fittings, Fridges & Beer coolers, are the biggest contributors to mains borne noise / hum in domestic premises & Public houses / Etc. Never an easy fix.
  14. Whistle Tester

    Amp & Cab for sale.

    Marshal JCM2000 / TSL100 + 1960A, 4 X 12 Cab. c/w Covers & Custom made, footswitch. Mint condition, (Never gigged), in full working order. Only switched on 6 times. A steal @ £700.
  15. Whistle Tester

    Wanted. Noel Gallacher's, H.F.B

    For the AECC April. 24. Any, Spare, or Anyone, cant go? Thanks.