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Good songs by shite bands

Soda Jerk

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Some (me) might argue that that's a shite song by a good band.

That's maybe why I like it but hate most of the rest of their stuff. It doesn't sound typical of them! Generally I like The Smiths songs when they're done by other people. The Deftones had a great version of "Please, please, please let me get what I want" on B-Sides and rarities.

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Sorry i could do this all day....


This has to be one of the best songs by a shite band there ever was, everything else they wrote was terrible, but this is an absolute stonker of a tune!

I absolutely hated this song, and the entire album it was on, but the first album, How Ace Are Buildings, was rocking as hell, back when they were just a great punk rock band.

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