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Hairy Nipples...thoughts?


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It must be one of the last taboos.

You chat up this burd, take her out for a few drinks, introduce her to your mates, it’s all going well. You’re odds-on for your Nat King. Lots of flirty chat, back to her/your place (delete as appropriate), some serious face-ragging snogging, through to the bedroom, kit off, bra hits the floor and…..

WTF!!??!!?? :eek:

Hairy buds!!:help:

Anyone been there?

Pretty fuckin’ grim innit? :confused:

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Not sensitive, I'd happily talk about the merits of nipples (hairy or otherwise) all day. Plenty of people, however, have made the mistake of joining and starting millions of somewhat annoying threads in the space of a few weeks afterwards.

Noted. But I would take the view that its only annoying if you let it annoy you. Nobody forces anyone else to look at or respond to a thread. If you don't like the look/tone of a thread then ignore it, surely?

I've started (what?) 3-4 threads in three days. Hardly a symptom of an annoying twat Forum Nerd?? But thanks, anyway, for the feedback. Good to know the 'protocol' of this particular forum.

PS: if anyone else wants to let me know they are pissed off with my threads by responding "Shut up", then they can FOAD

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Sounds like an opportunity for some extra fun:


Rippppppppp....! :eek::D

Or just get used to it that most people have their less than perfect bits. :)

I have two bellybuttons - that has freaked a few women over the years. :D

Pogo - that second 'bellybutton' is more likely than not your anus..... ;)

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