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Thanks for the feedback man :)

Louis is doing this for any band that wants to record (at a small fee obvs) but it's much cheaper than the likes of Tom and Nick.

And the production is pretty good for home recordings.

Good for demos/eps.

I dunno about merch, we are just doing this for fun at the moment, nice and relaxed- local shows for our friends who need support bands and houses etc.

Our first show is tomorrow with Cavalcades, The Longhaul and Battle For Paris.

Nice little floor show in Tunnels 2.

Should be nice and busy so pop along for a beer and a yap if you're free?

And Soda - We actually settled on the name without thinking about it.

Wasn't until people started saying that we realised. By then it was too late!

But I like Gorilla Biscuits, so it's not so bad!

Looking to track another ep circa July with another 2 songs, maybe a split, not too sure though.

Just wanted to see what people thought of this first. Usually putting stuff on here can be a bad move, with the hardcore haters, but not really bothered, just wanted people to give it a listen that was all.

Thanks for all your feedback :)

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This is pretty good, though I think you should concentrate more on doing the fast stuff. The mid-paced stuff and breakdowns sound a bit like some cringey NYHC like Madball or something. The fast bits are pretty ripping though. There should be more of that. The slower bits feel like a bit build up to something that doesn't really happen. Just rip it up and play fast.

I also don't like the drum sound. I dunno if they are programmed drums or triggers or something, but it sounded like the drum sound you'd get on an Aerosmith record. Stadium rock reverb, and all that. The lack of a dry THUD-THUD-THUD in the drum sound really does take away the edge in modern hardcore bands who are sounding slicker by the minute.

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The drums sound a little naff because of the production. Home recordings and such, the next stuff we record, it'll sound more natural as it'll be in a studio with better acoustics and mics, enabling us to utilise a more natural sound. Looking forward to it.

Most of the new stuff we are currwently writing is virtually all fast. A lot more fun to play, although it's nice to have sludgier parts for a bit of a dark element.

Thanks for all the constructive criticism though. Keeping us pointing in the right direction.

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I agree with the sentiments regarding drum sound, but i guess that's the risk you run with a home demo setup.

I think it's pretty boss though, and I'm sure future recordings/live stuff will be gnar.

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Louis ran everything through Logic Pro.

The drums were his own kit, which was pretty beat up, hence why everything was heavily triggered. I don't know anything about the drum triggers though.

No idea about drum gear in general.

All the vocal and drum mikes we borrowed off Robbie Mackie - So I don't know anything about them either.

The bass was DI (as Ryan has yet t0 obtain a rig) bass guitar used was a '73 Fender Jazz.

Guitars ran through a Marshall JCM 2000 and a couple of the lead tracks were done on an ENGL Powerball, all running through a Peavy XXX Cab.

Gibson Les Paul for all the rhythmn and octaves, an ESP Eclipse on the solo stuff and a Tele on the cleans.

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