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Fudge Music Awards - Best Rock Act 2012 ?

The Ghost Of Fudge

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Friendly local promoters 'Fudge' have been organising an annual music awards shindig celebrating Aberdeen's diverse range of bands since 2001. The 12th Fudge Music Awards will be hosted at the Moorings Bar on Saturday 11th Febuary, when three bands will play and we'll discover which Aberdeen bands have floated your boat over the last year...

You'll be able to vote here on Ab-Music, or via the traditional paper slips available at the Moorings on gig nights. We'll total these figures to arrive at our champions across various categories - who will be announced before their adoring public at the awards show, and make a wee thank you speech.


Your nominees are:

CROOKED LITTLE VEIN www.facebook.com/crookedlittlevein

ERIC EUAN www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000779362755

EVIL DEMON THEORY www.facebook.com/pages/Evil-Demon-Theory/117128001633603

TRANSMANTA www.facebook.com/transmanta.scotland

TUPELO TOWN ASSEMBLY www.reverbnation.com/tupelotownassembly

WHICH WAY NOW www.facebook.com/pages/Which-Way-Now/202798649735910?sk=app_178091127385

You may vote for more than one option.


2001 - TAR

2002 - Liber8

2003 - Liber8

2004 - Deadloss Superstar

2005 - Deadloss Superstar

2006 - Deadloss Superstar

2007 - Fiction/Action

2008 - Snake Temple Kings

2009 - Snake Temple Kings

2010 - Cobra Kai

2011 - Which Way Now

2012 - ?

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Would I be right in guessing that Transmanta were the band getting all their mates to sign up and vote?!-

Because self promotion and rock bands is new and frighting? so the john lennon quote about being more popular than jesus must be a lie

Everyone tells their friends to vote if they are up for an award or something along those lines. saying you wouldn't is a lie

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