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Oscars (the fish)


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not since my kids arrived 10 year back (too much hassle).... I did used to keep coldwater & tropical fish..... and thorougly enjoyed it (might even do it again some time)

I had a 4ft coldwater tank, with goldfish, shubunkins, orffs & smaller koi

... 2 x 3ft Tanks for Trops, usual fish in them, were things like guppies, angels, barbs, tetras etc.....

also had a 2ft Trop tank for breeding/hospital/isolation etc....

Still have some of the equipment to this day...in the garage !

ah...happy times (before kids)

we now have a menagerie of different pets.... 1 x Rabbit, 3 x Guinea Pigs, 1 x Hamster, 3 x Cats...... not long ago also had a dog (sadly missed)


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