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The Globe as a venue?

Monk Rocker

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I've not played there...but have seem loads of bands. It's very much your covers band audience...out for a good night and a bit of a dance. Not a place for cutting-edge experimentation, or quiet, introspective music. but if your set has a good few 'classic rock' or blues covers, you'll go down well.

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I've been to the Globe inn a number of times now.

There is not much space for the bands as you are at the end of the dance floor next to the bar.

It has always been really busy for it's size. At a guess 100-150 people and it's usually a good crowd of people that go.

Most bands I've seen are usually cover bands then occasionally one or two slipping their own stuff in-between, but those in attendance usually get up to dance and appreciate the music.

You also get Red Stripe and Seven Giraffes on draught.

I was going to post a question about the Globe as their website is blank for bands at the moment and says nothing planned.

Before it was planned and listed months in advance.

Hope they have not stopped bands?

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The Globe have bands booked up months and months in advance, I would seriously doubt they've stopped putting them on, as it's kind of their 'thing'.

I just thought it was strange that the website did have a list of the bands playing months in advance before.

The list was getting shorter and shorter until it was empty. It now reads "Sorry, there are currently no events scheduled".

I hope it's just an oversight and someone has not uploaded them as yet.

It's good to see who is playing in advance and decide to go or not.

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I suspect that the lack of updates on their website is maybe due to the, relatively, recent change in ownership/management. I know that the lassie that ran the place previously was really keen on having bands booked in and recognised that it was an integral part of the Globe's weekend trade.

I'm not sure if the new management treat it with quite the same level of importance but the place will be booked up til the end of the year by now.

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I used to work at The Globe, and as has already been said, it was booked up WAY in advance. In terms of audience and how it worked as a 'venue', I think it was surprisingly good. There aren't many places where you can just erect a PA and make it feel like a gig, but it works well in The Globe.

Very much pub-rock bands playing covers/minimal original material (again, as already stated)

The crowd are always into it. The Globe relies heavily on regulars, and so almost everyone who goes there knows there are bands on, so you dont get auld biddies complaining about the noise while she mushes her haddock. (not a euphemism)

Old manager was kind of a total bitch though.

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