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RADIO LUCIFER: First gig with all-new line up - DR DRAKES 15th AUG

Afro Droid

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Yes, yes, yes - Your prophets of Sonic Mayhem return with a few new soldiers completing Radio Lucifer's crack rock commandoes on AUGUST 15th at DR DRAKES, supporting Finnish super heroes BOOMHAUER (www.koti.mbnet.fi/b-hauer). We are a far meatier proposition today, now numbering former PaGG bassist ROBB in our ranks, alongside the semi-legendary CRAIG DEADLOSS.

Boomhauer are 'wild country punk fun, energetic garage rock, clever pop moments and trashy white boy blues licks. Kind of Jon Spencer meets Jonathan Richman meets AC/DC'.

Radio Lucifer are 'set to make a big impression with a full on nuclear assault that tips it's targeting systems to The Wildhearts, Motley Crue, Devin Townsend, Black Flag, The Backyard Babies and Sick of It All.'

Live for Rock, die for Roll, August 15th, come one, come all!

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i think tis fair to say that both me and my 2 compadres were blown away by yer presence and showmanship on stage. top notch! i thought boomhauers singer was amazing..." this song is about little black dresses* and when he was on about wine...truley an amazing band of utter mentalists!

was that you sitting next to all us? at the little bench seat with two tables practically touching like a parisian cafe?

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