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Pro quality bass rig for sale


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I have a bass rig for sale. The specs are a bit unusual and I imagine I'm going to have to resort to Ebay, but it would be nice to sell locally if possible to avoid the hassle of packaging and shipping something this heavy/awkward. For that reason I'd be (within reason) willing to take a bit less than the probable Ebay value.

Some background: around 5 years ago I completely upgraded my bass rig. Very shortly afterwards I had some problems with RSI and I haven't played a bass guitar since. I've recently started playing a bit again but I've decided I'm sticking to 6 strings (my original instrument) and I've no plans to start playing bass.

The rig (the pre-amp excepted) is therefore around 5 years old but barely used. It's been gigged 4 times and used in rehearsals maybe another 10 times.

Specs are:

SWR Grand Prix Pre Amp. I bought this used on Ebay for around 300. It's the only part of the rig that wasn't bought new.

QSC PLX 1602 power amp.

2 2 X 10" Acme Low B cabs. These are not available in the UK and were imported directly from the USA.

I'm not going to do a hard sell on the quality of the kit - it's not a cheap set up and I figure anybody who's seriously interested will want to check out on-line reviews, bass mag reviews etc. If you do you'll find that this rig is a top quality professional rig. It's flexible (you can use just one cab for smaller gigs) and delivers lots of loud, clean bass.

I've done a bit of research on current value and I'm being advised around 400 each for the cabs (you can check out my query on the Low Down Lowdown Bass Player forum - UK - price for Acme cabs - MusicPlayer Forums ) 275 for the power amp and 225 for the pre-amp, total 1300. I'd let the whole lot go to someone willing to come and pick up in Aberdeen for 1000.

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at risk of being bollocked by someone it looks like those cabs are being valued at 400 the pair to me ??

the spec sounds good though , good luck with the sale :up:

OK now I look harder at that you may be right. I'm surprised because I paid a lot more (I tried these and a pair of SWR Goliath Juniors at the time, and once duty and VAT were taken into account the prices were virtually identical. Goliath Juniors are going for nearly 800 Euros each these days, if you can find one). I know Alex Claber (the original owner of the ones being sold there) would have got a lot more use out of his than I got out of mine - as I say, mine are all but unused.

But I'm just trying to fix a fair/attractive price. I'll drop to 800 for a local sale.

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Sorry guys haven't logged in for a few days so did not see these comments.

I'm not going to be able to get pics on site for a couple of days but if you are seriously interested I can do that. Alternatively the rig is in central Aberdeen and is available to view by arrangement.

Andy at Acme takes the view that anything more than 700 watts into the Low B is "wasted" (1). The 1602 will deliver over 1000 watts in bridged mono mode so it has plenty of oomph. I'm not very technical but I did a lot of research and checked a lot of folks' opinions before putting together this rig, and everything was purchased around the same time and chosen for compatibility. The power amp weighs 21 lbs.

(1) see below:

Acme Low B-2 - MusicPlayer Forums

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I'm assuming for that price that it's not cased?

The preamp and power amp are in a frankly not brilliant case - it was slightly warped when I got it, but I couldn't be bothered sending it back (internet purchase, decent brand, think from memory it was about 70 quid). It does the job, gives you something to wheel the stuff around in and looks absolutely fine onstage. I'd throw it in free of charge if the purchaser wanted it.

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Some more technical stuff (I'd forgotten some of this stuff and had to do a bit of research to remind myself).

The cabs are 8 ohm. Running the two cabs in series reduces that to 4 ohms and the amp in bridged mono mode delivers up to 1600 watts per cab. So more than as much juice as you could possibly want.

What I referred to above as as a "case" is maybe more accurately described as a rack. It's made by Gator.

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