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  1. Just come across this post and saddened to hear about Mike's demise. Quite some years ago he stood in for my band Souled Asylum at AECC. Despite no rehearsal, all I had to do was show him the set list, remind him what came next and give him the odd tab nod and he never missed a beat. Very acomplished and solid drummer. No fuss, just sat in the mix and drove it. Downside was he ripped into the rider and by end of the night he could'nt stand up. We packed his kit away for him, drove him home in the truck and delivered him home. Upside, I have it all on VHS tape even ripping into the rider before taking stage. RIP Mike and thanks for the memories...........
  2. Hi, Karla tried out with my band Souled Asylum on Thursday night 8th March. She did great and I want her to come back. Unfortunately in the mealstrom of packing away I did not get her contact number. Mine is 07770-880203. Please ask her to text me with her contact mob number soonest. Thanks Mike Rowe
  3. Souled Asylum is resurrecting and is looking for horns to augment current line up. Existing horns include Trombone, Tenor Sax and Baritone Sax. Looking for Trumpet and Alto Sax Visit website www.souledasylum.co.uk for an insight into the gigs played and songs covered. Classic soul and R&B plus some modern stuff giged to a high standard to capacity crowds. Great gigs and make a bit of dosh. Contact via website or PM Thanks Mike
  4. Band is resurrecting and is looking for male and female lead vocals for try outs to join existing line up. Website www.souledasylum.co.uk will give you some idea of what the band does and the venues covered. No equipment needed as it will all be provided Its all classic soul and R&B songs and some new stuff covered to a high standard using pro touring gear. Lead vocals will be supported with backing singers, horns, guitars, bass, drums, keys and Hammond. Great opportunity to play great gigs to capacity crowds and earn a bit of dosh. Vocals must be rangy, clean and powerful. Contact via website or PM please. Thanks Mike
  5. Investigating availability/interest of competent Sound/Techie Man/Woman Our previous sound/techie man has had to call it quits due to health issues. We are Souled Asylum a 14-piece in the throes of resurrection. Location is Kintore Village Hall every Thursday 7pm to help unload practise gear from van into hall at street level. Circa 12 lifts/loads with circa 6 other helpers Set up practise PA which is 4 bi-amp floor wedges and pair of flying boxes on stands. Power amps, effects, Xover etc and 12-channel desk in single wheeled tall boy flight case. Set up 4-6 mics for vox and 4 mics for horns. Set up Nord keyboard with backline amp and run into desk Run desk for band practise say 7.30pm till 9.30pm. Derig and help backload into van Therefore at hall 7pm till 10pm tops. Eventual ultimate prize is when gigging the set up is Nexo and Turbosound boxes, Crown Amps, Allan & Heath desk, Tall Boy full of FX, Hammond organ etc etc. No idea of going rate for semi pros but am willing to pay fair rate in cash on the night. Lets start bartering………. Why ?…………need the expertise of a desk jockey so band can concentrate on try outs and then practise. Contact details via website www.souledasylum.co.uk Thanks Mike
  6. Its now 1 week since I made an offer and no contact. I have run out of time as heading south. Sorry but offer now withdrawn. All the best
  7. Hi, I will have the cab for £325 cash. Drop me a text on 07770-880203 to arrange collection/payment next week beginning 12th Dec. Assume that cab is in Aberdeen..........
  8. I will have it for £300 cash. Text me on 07770-880203 and we can meet next week for handover/payment. Thanks Mike
  9. Thanks Son, Going back to original post £100 or best offer. Offer is £85 cash with no quibbles and I'll pick it up assuming its local. Thanks Mike
  10. Hi Son, Can we communicate by text now on in. I am on Mob 07770880203 Looking for your bottom line for cash. Thanks Mike
  11. Hi Son, I am looking for a classical acoustic for my 11-year old grandson. Whats the action like ? He has a tin pot acoustic thats like playing barbed wire He plays an electric Fender Squier Strat but has sent a note to santa for a playable acoustic. It'll keep his grubby mits off me bleedin hammond B3 when I'm not around !!! Thanks Mike
  12. Update Slot filled. Welcome Jock the Ripper Thanks to all other interested parties.
  13. Back in Feb/March I stuck up a similar request and got some decent replies, aknowledged these but had to put the project into hibernation due to work commitments. Sorry for repeating. Project to get the band going again has started and line up is almost fulfilled. Got 4 on horns, 2 on keyboards, bass guitar, rythmn guitar, trying out drummers, trying out singers of which we land on 4 or 5 and finally also need to fill the lead guitar slot. I reckon it will be a 14 or 15 piece line up when nailed. Big sound doing soul and R&B covers in a hard hitting bass and drum driven way. This band will not play like pussies............ Need an experienced guitar player with own transport and decent gear happy to play a role in such a big set up. Practise every Thursday out at Kintore. Get on YouTube for Vintage Trouble and take in the guitar on " A Little Help From My Friends" and " Nobody Told me " . Gigging is in the long term. There will be many months of getting the line up right and then weekly rehearsing to get to the pro standard of the last band. Drop me a mail via www.souledasylum.co.uk Thanks Mike
  14. Souled Asylum ( www.souledasylum.co.uk ) are looking for a technically competent and hard hitting drummer. Drop me a line via website if interested. Thanks Mike
  15. Hi Karstasaurus..............harmonies and back up vocals eh. If your voice is in the style of Alesha Keys, Etta James, Joss Stone, Joan Osborne , Florence Rawlings, Adele etc etc then have a look at www.souledasylum.co.uk. After some years of lay off the band is being resurrected and we are looking for female vocals to try out. Big band, big sound, all gear provided , oh and generally big gigs. Thanks Mike
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