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Hush Hush w/ JAMES BLAKE - 29th Jan @ Origin Abdn


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Hush Hush


(Mount Kimbie/R&S)

Djamba & Giles Walker

29th Jan

Origin, Aberdeen

7 Adv, tickets online here TicketWeb

Tickets also available in One Up soon.

Impressing everyone from the dubstep hardcore, the indie fraternity, to the Guardian and Pitchfork; James Blakes pitch bent, warped and sometimes elegant take on the post dubstep landscape cannot be overstated. His collaborations and live shows with Mount Kimbie recently blew critics and listeners away and even with the modest number of solo releases he has under his belt, James has established his place in UK hardcore continuum history.

Listen to his take on 'Limit To Your Love' and see what all the hype is really about;

Hush Hush presidents and curators Djamba and Giles Walker on the warm up as always.

Hush Hush

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i didn't know everyone was up his arse, but that's probably because i don't pay attention to the music press (and nor do i really care). anyway, the klavierwerke EP is so good. looking forward to it.

They are and the result will probably be that a load of dubstep (or whatever he's being called ourists are gonna have a big ole' backlash and treat him like a watered down version of what they're all about, but I think he's more immediately likeable because there's more tangible pathos in his music. Seven quid is pretty good really. Not a fan of the Feist cover though.

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Guest Giles Walker

Yeah, it's not really the same sort of Dubstep djs who play James Blake anyway, Can't imagine Borgore or High Rankin dropping him in a set for example.

The people who know about and would come to a gig with James Blake, know what they are getting so i cant see any of them moaning about it.

From the buzz so far it looks like it is gonna be a nice bunch of folks coming down anyway, might even coax some of the indie types out for a change as well.

Which will be nice.

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Guest Tam o' Shantie

out of curiosity guys is this a DJ set or is he singing etc as well?

when i saw him he was singing live to his own tracks along with the other stuff he was playing.

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ticket sales are very healthy, so grab a ticket from one up or online before just to be safe.

we'll be keeping 100 tickets for the door anyway but James Blake has blown up waaaay more than we'd ever thought when we booked him so it could be a mad scramble for them... 7 is a total bargain guys!

tickets online here; TicketWeb

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