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I was informed at lunchtime today that the Licensing Committee voted by 9-6 to reject the HMO License application for Aberdon House to be used as a temporary unit for homeless people.

This means that the Council is now in a really precarious position when it comes to offering shelter for the homeless, and probably means some folk will be left out on the streets because there will be nowhere else for them to go.

I thought folk on here might be interested.

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It was a former old people's home. There are some amenity cottages to the rear of the property, but a large number of measures to address concerns were agreed by Housing & Environment Committee.

It was intended to be used for 2 years so that a long term facility could be built on the former Victoria House site.

There were 129 objections, but no objections or observations from Grampian Police.

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Stop boarding up the doors and windows in that factory opposite Captain Toms. Every week, the homeless get in, then every week, someone boards up the hole they made to get in. They make a new whole, it gets boarded, they make a new whole, ad infinitum.

In fact, this post was shit. Sorry.

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I don't know who is to blame for this, probably doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, but it saddens me that folk on here would rather vent their spleens about some trees and grass than people being forced to sleep rough.

I also think the council should have thought about this sort of thing when they pulled money away from Cyrenians, bet they are probably regretting that now.

Yes but surely you can see that the council's spending on expensive civil projects is one reason why there is less money in the budget for shelter and services for the homeless?

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