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Trace Bass Combo

Moby 1

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Ah you have a misguided sense of humour

ahh , sorry , I didn't realise it was brand new and still in the box and you'd had it gold plated with diamond studded accents ?????

I thought it was second hand combo ,getting on a bit and worth all of about 100 , over to you :gringo:

You obviously have absolutely no taste

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I have excellent taste thank you , but that has nothing to do with the sale of your combo , either post something relevant or humerous to justify the ludicrous value you place on it 8-)

.....or tell me what denomination of notes you would like your 100 in ? :up:

actually come to think of it I think 90 is more realistic dont you ?

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Is this the one that was on basschat for a while, originally from Blackpool? That is a sexy combo if it is, makes me wish I had the cash/space/permission to add it to my collection...

Hope you sell it to someone with a couple of functioning brain cells...

The very same, bought from Matt, now surplus to requirements. Basschat is probably where it will end up as there was a lot of interest and a more discerning clientele :)

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