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  1. Home, usual Wednesday, your truckin' on then, good luck.
  2. You played in Kinell, delusional or Guitar George......
  3. I am the Bass Player from Kinell, our drummer has almost retired and we are looking at getting a new one, just for the odd gig, as before. Nothing too stressfull, I'll speak to Dave, we reduced to a trio, now a duo needin a sticks man..

  4. Iain, what is the band line up? How many gigs a month do you play? Are you ageist? Where can you be seen? I play Bass and Sing, I have no qualms about playing with phantom musicians as long as the Midi is good quality and not Karaoke!! Who triggers the Midi files?

    Moby 1

  5. I think the packing weighed more than the Cab, it has some punch. Enjoy. Speakon to Jack better option
  6. Used every bit of packing I had, odd shape.
  7. Done and dusted, couriered away yesterday
  8. Paul, I am available as a Bass Player if your interested ! Brian
  9. Sold to the man who recognises quality
  10. Aye, Pay Pal gift will be cool
  11. C'mon guys, this is the ideal starter cab and will work a treat in a two 8 Ohm cab (in parallel). Or on its own for earth shattering lows.
  12. Snaps available on request, I'll courier it for this price within the UK or for Aberdeen a £15.00 reduction on collection (Banchoryshire)
  13. Tech Soundsystems 1 x 15, 300 Watt Bass Cab, 29.5" tall x 15.75" deep x 21.25 Width about 60 lb's in weight. This cab will produce your Low B with impunity, the lowest not it will reproduce is 25Hz (Low B is 30Hz . Grey carpet covering in good condition perfect as the bottom cab in a two cab rig. This is a bargain at £135.00 buyer collect. PM me for further details.
  14. I have an unused (by me) "Morris" Ovation lookalike, it's electric acoustic but without any controls. It's complete with shaped case. I just do bass, guitar evades me, I'll let it go for £75.00. It's in good nick and sounds ok to me bit of fret wear I've had it for about 5 years one owner before me.
  15. Yes, but I travel overseas today gone for a couple of weeks, send me a set list and we can communicate fro there Brian
  16. Yes up for all that, back in town 9th PM me
  17. Yep up for new tunes, what's the line up?
  18. Genres ! My favourite all time band is Steely Dan, swiftly followed by Cream, some of Eric's stuff from Reptile, not contemporary, .....mature Scotty would love a Jam, i'll pm my mail
  19. Laid back approach, decent kit, lead vocals if required, gig or two a month, money not an issue, own transport, sandwiches, teeth hair and limbs...good laugh would be a bonus.
  20. Like or dislike has nothing to do with it You tried it on...........end of. Your past record of diatribe speaks for itself.
  21. Yeah Well I think you have been either; Naive, unfortunate or greedy or a combination of all three. Those Basschat guys know their stuff and are very very polite..................especially to newbies who chance their arm.
  22. Arse Smack I see you got a seein' off in Bass Chat, some might say you are at it !!!
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