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Cash waiting for Broken Cymbals...


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"any old Iron, any old Iron"

Yes you may well ask why I want busted cymbals sir, "there's a bit of Steptoe & Son in all of us", but it's the metal I'm after so the bigger the cymbal is the better, so I can cut out the shapes that I want to create 3D sculptures "for my garden". I started in on a few old Brass numbers that were hanging about in my workshop from a kit I bought three years back, they obviously sounded crap, so along with my second-hand welding kit that I got from Scot-Ads a while back, I cut, hammered, bent and twisted pieces and then welded them together along with some Tin sheet that was left behind by the last owners.

The reason for now trying to get hold of some Bronze cymbals is that I want to include some form of sound plates and hanging chimes, and because I have no idea if it will all work yet, I don't want to order in expensive sheets of Bronze until I've proved that it's going to work and look good, I also like the idea of re-using old cymbals because as a Drummer I love the different colours of metal and the way they hold different hammer marks, and they should over time build up a great colour once they are outside.

I've just started working on a 10" Stagg Splash that I used stacked on top of a 12" China, I've hammered out the Bell, so now have a flattish disc ready to go, I've got a bunch of sketches drawn up and am now searching for metal, I'm after a few from Ebay that are cracked they should be cheap metal but of course there is also the postage which will probably be the most expensive part...

So I just thought there might be a few destroyed 'Pies' hanging around Aberdeen that I could use, as long as no-one is expecting huge amounts of money for the metal...

And by the way, I'm not trying to get my hands on these cymbals to just Braze up the cracks or drill a hole to stop a crack running, or cut down cymbals for using on my kit, I have a full set-up of Paiste Dark Energy, Signature and Traditional cymbals that I play, so I'm not scamming some cheap metal plates for my kit...

So, if anyone has got a wrecked cymbal, even if the Bands Van has driven over it, give me a shout and we can organise a time for me to buy up your old metal, as the old song went, "any old Iron, any old Iron", only now I'm after "any old Bronze"... cheers, Phil

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