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  1. REFRESH! Havn't had any luck so far. ive had a few jams but nothing my taste. so Bump!
  2. SUP! Well, im 20, Played drums for 5-6 years, been in a few bands so have a good bit of experience very able to play to click tracks etc Influences/things I like are stuff like The chameleons, hadhouken, woodhands, James brown, phoenix chase and status, pendulum , sub focus, faithless, the smiths, classixx, the presets, cut copy, mylo, the kills, etc all the old greats 90s dance too!! Got all my own gear transport etc Pm or something if you fancy a jam BOOM!
  3. I've just let my mum listen. shes yours!
  4. OH NO! Your gig clashs with chase and status! can't beleave it. And question how did you think up the name ''ShutterSpeed'' the word EPIC comes to mind!
  5. CREEKY! Yous have to play some gigs soooooooooooooooooon!
  6. 16'' inch Sabian hh brillant finsh. it has the smallest of cracks if you fancy that?
  7. Cheers Badger Will hopefully swing by on sat Iain
  8. Aryt Where does everyone buy there cymbals? I was looking to get a sabain hh 16inch as the one i have has got a wee crack (GUTTED) Also whats a good cheap box set (ie, 14/16/20) for praticing on? Thanks for any help Iain ww.myspace.com/freekorpsmusic
  9. MySpace.com - F R E E - K O R P S - ABERDEEN, UK - www.myspace.com/freekorp
  10. Alright Free Korps have just recently been at Exile Studios have a listen to our new tunes and tell us what you think! www.myspace.comfreekorp Cheers Iain x
  11. POW!

    Please Vote!

    Pease Vote! Bump.
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