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  1. I've got room 5 booked from 7 till 11, so I'll probably be there by quarter to seven, if I'm not hanging about yaping with Andy I'll be setting up the kit, see you on the 10th Al. cheers Phil
  2. I'll have the cymbal bag off you, I won't be in to Musical-Vision untill the 10th, you could leave it with Andy and I'll leave the money when I'm in... Phil
  3. I've got an ARIA Sandpiper electro acoustic, nice slim body with EQ panel, great easy action, it's also got an extra EPM wooden Humbucker mounted in the sound-hole which I used with an A/B Box to divert the signal through effects pedals, comes with a padded gig case, and the A/B box. £175
  4. how about a swap for a set of Pearl Demon Drives?
  5. fancy a swap for a 20" Paiste Dark Energy II Ride cymbal ?
  6. the China is gone, they're all gone...
  7. 17" Paiste Dark Energy Crash Cymbal, SOLD
  8. 17" Paiste Dark Energy Crash Cymbal, for sale £100 16" Paiste Traditional medium light China, for sale £60 the others have gone... grab a bargin pm for pics
  9. it's an 18" Matt Nolan Custom 'Alien Si-Fi' Heavy Crash/Ride which is really load, too load for my set-up. If you want to try it out at Musical-Vision sometime give me a shout, or pm me your email and I'll send you pics and a sound file... Phil
  10. 20" Paiste Dark Energy Ride Mark II Cymbal, for sale £200 17" Paiste Dark Energy Crash Cymbal, for sale £165 15" Paiste Dark Energy Crash Cymbal, for sale £135 8" Paiste Dark Energy Splash Cymbal, for sale £50 all in perfect condition, at half the new price, any takers...
  11. Swap you a black Ovation Breadwinner totally original with it's case, for your guitar plus a couple of hundred of your Earth Pounds... I can send pics if your forward me your email... Phil
  12. Beard in the winter, Raincoat in the summer...
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