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  1. For anyone considering buying this guitar I just have to say, I have played it and holy shit, it is an amazing guitar! Even more so now it has EMG's
  2. Excellent condition, home use only, sounds good for the price. Originally bought for 170, so looking for about 70. Cheers.
  3. Anyone got an orange ppc 212 ob cabinet lying about? Not too worried about condition as long as it works fine. Willing to spend around 150. Cheers
  4. I've got an Orion 17" crash with 2 cracks in it and a Zildjian z custom 19" rock crash that's missing a bit if you're interested?
  5. I needed a cheap amp for gigging haha
  6. Here's a pic of the amp, sorry it's blurry, my camera's really bad
  7. Pics Sorry they're blurry, my camera's really bad
  8. Lowering price to 70 if anyone's interested?
  9. Selling my Jimi Hendrix wah wah pedal. It's never been used for gigs and is very rarely used so is in great condition. Bought for 90, looking for around 50 ONO
  10. Ok fine, I'll give you 65 for it
  11. I'm interested in this, i'll give you 55 for it
  12. Has 4 amp models, ranging from clean to insane, 1x12 custom celestion speaker. Had it for 3 years, it's rarely used and in excellent condition. Originally bought for 170 so I'm looking for around 100
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