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The Phantom Band + Emma Pollock + Aidan Moffat + Martin John Henry @ The Lemon Tree

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As part of SOUND Festival, interesting music promotions present an evening with CHEMIKAL UNDERGROUND RECORDS, featuring...


Friday 20th November 2009

The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen

Doors 7.30pm

Tickets 15 subject to booking fee

Available from Aberdeen Box Office (His Majesty's Theatre, Rosemount Viaduct or the Music Hall, Union Street) Phone 01224 641122 or http://www.boxofficeaberdeen.com




CHEMIKAL UNDERGROUND is one of Scotlands most successful independent record labels, established in 1995 by The Delgados, based in Glasgow and responsible for launching artists such as Mogwai, Interpol, Bis, Arab Strap, De Rosa and Aereogramme.

This very special show will feature latest signings The Phantom Band, co-founder and former Delgado Emma Pollock, ex-Arab Strap frontman Aidan Moffat, and Martin John Henry of the recently split De Rosa.


THE PHANTOM BAND is a proto-robofolk sextet based in Glasgow who released their debut album Checkmate Savage to critical acclaim on Chemikal Underground in January 2009.

Folk, pop, techno with guitars, classic rock, metal, noise terrorism, gospel, soundscapes The Phantom Band is a dionysiac of six people trying with all their might to pull in six very different directions. The end result however is truly special, bringing to mind the beat savvy of The Beta Band, the other-worldliness of Super Furry Animals and the mood of Hallowed Ground-era Violent Femmes.

A nine track, nearly one hour long mash up of krautrock, swamp-rock and Beefheart-oddness. (Chemikal Underground)

I've been listening to The Phantom Band out of the UK. It's a combination of folk rock and kraut rock that is really great. (Peter Buck, REM)



EMMA POLLOCK is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and founding member of The Delgados, one of the most interesting and influential bands to emerge from the mid-90s Glasgow music scene.

One of the most bewitching singers and natural songwriters around, Emma released her debut solo album Watch The Fireworks on 4AD in 2007 and has a new release scheduled for early next year, which promises to be a thing of dark, eclectic beauty. As well as keeping busy with Chemikal Underground duties she is a member of the cross-genre musical collective The Burns Unit, who also counts Karine Polwart, King Creosote and Future Pilot AKA among its members.

there was something very alluring in Pollock's blueberry voice; she has not forgotten the Delgados' ability to make small feelings seem very big. (Pitchfork)

constantly tuneful in settings from ringing folk-rock to piano-pumped music hall to breathy ballad. (The New York Times)



AIDAN MOFFAT & THE BEST-OFS is the new open-door club fronted by ex-Arab Strap musician, vocalist and all round miserablist Aidan Moffat, where anyone with a talent for something he likes the sound of is welcome.

With no traditional line-up and a rotating membership policy in place, the Best-Ofs released How To Get To Heaven From Scotland via Chemikal Undergeround on Valentines day 2009. All about love, this album is about as playful and cheerful as Aidan gets.

I decided it was time that I attempted to write some positive love songs, which is incredibly difficult to do if you want to avoid clich and repetition, says Aidan. You have to try to make them both personal and universal, which can be quite difficult; you have to try to forget other people are going to hear them while also making sure it will appeal to an audience. Theres a lot more sunshine and happy endings on this record, plus a song about my grandfathers non-existent ghost and a lullaby about the terror of impending fatherhood. Hopefully Ive managed to keep it at least diverting for the 37 minutes it lasts.

His disjointed pop vignettes and ruminative lullabies are underpinned, as ever, by excellent reflections on affairs of the head, hind quarters and heart. (PLAN B)

...a timely, very tuneful reminder that theres more to Valentines Day than those tired Hallmark clichs. (THE LIST, 4/5)



MARTIN JOHN HENRY is one of Scotlands finest songwriters and, until recently, the singer / guitarist in Lanarkshire outfit De Rosa, who released two albums, Mend and Prevention, on Chemikal Underground / Gargleblast.

Championed early on by the likes of John Peel and Steve Lamacq, De Rosa flitted effortlessly between thundering feedback, abstract rhythmic phrasings and the straightforward approach of traditional folk, all shot through with a lyrical narrative that was honest and inventive. With a strong ability to fashion unforgettable melodies from unconventional song structures, Henrys contemplative, vivid lyrics tend to linger in the memory long after the music has faded.

Martin is currently writing for a solo record. He hopes it turns out good.

De Rosa's music was as complex as it was melodic - it exercised the head as well as the heart and their live performances could be as thrilling as any we've ever seen. Great bands are hard to come by - especially ones as literate and engaging as De Rosa - so they will be sadly missed. (Chemikal Underground)


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This will be great.

Saw Emma Pollock supporting Andrew Bird last week in Edinburgh and she was really good, i wasnt sure id be a fan but we were won over within two songs.

Phantom Band are fucking ace.


Mark has put a classic line-up together, I think it could be

the best gig of the autumn :up: (so far) 8-)

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I've been listening to The Delgados this week and had forgotten how good Emma's vocals are.

John Peel rated them as his favouirite Scottish band in the mid/late 1990's

Saw them 1995 in the Lemon Tree & we were completely bowled over

They were an immense band & very under-rated. Christ I wish they were back now

there's soo much bland-hype-pish about now in comparison.....

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