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Thanks for the comments guys.

Anyone else?

Fellsilent!!!! Although that's their last 3 tours they have cancelled. WIth any luck they might go on one eventually :up: When they find a replacement for Abi a TesseracT gig would get my approval too. Xerath, Rolo Tomassi, Devil Sold His Soul and Romeo Must Die would be awesome too.

I will buy you a beer for everyone you manage to get to play here :p

A band I recently discovred who are surprisingly good are Take a Worm For a Walk Week and that's probably most likely I would imagine since Glasgow isn't too far away

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I was kinda meaning does anyone else have an opinion on Sylosis but some good shouts there. I've tried Romeo Must Die a couple of times before but they keep canceling cos of other dates cancelling around Aberdeen.

Rolo Tomassi need to come back again. Don't think they've been up since either playing with CTS or a Blakfish tour? Someone will correct me on my memory of this.

Take A Worm are a band Sharon (Dizzy Storm) deals with so best to check with her when they may be up next. Had some amazing supports recently like Cancer Bats and Mastadon.

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His name is Acle, not Abi.

I know that hence the sentence "When they find a replacement for Abi a TesseracT gig would get my approval too."

I was referring to Abi, the vocalist, leaving TesseracT at the end of last month. However I do know Acle left Fellsilent to concentrate on Tesseract. Since I have already made a stupid error in this thread though I am not surprised if you were confused :p

However I have just checked their website and this was posted yesterday

Big news! TesseracT will be performing at Hellfire Festival 2 in November at the NEC in Birmingham. This will be the first show with our new singer (more details shortly!)
so i suppose technically you win cos they have found one!
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