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Selling gear on eBay

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Any tips?

I have a bass guitar that's not selling in Aberdeen, thinking of whacking it up on eBay but how sensible is that? I can't imagine a bass guitar is an easy thing to send through the post.

I've sold many basses, but none on eBay. eBay sucks up too much of your money. Try signing up to basschat.co.uk (say hello first!) and posting an ad up there?

As for the mechanics of selling, it's a piece of cake. If it's going in a gigbag all the better, but a big enough box and lashings of bubble wrap/air bags/newspaper/polystyrene will do the job. I aim to make sure that there is no rumbling around in the box.

It won't cost more than 20 to send a bass unless a hard case is involved. Parcelforce 48 is available from the post office - it's been a wee while but it's around 15 if I recall correctly. Remember to get the insurance!

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It cost me 11 quid to ship my warwick. It took ages to sell though - but you're selling a fender right? I'd think that'd surely go quickly.

But i agree with neepheid - basschat is a decent place.

Ebay will rape you in charges. Mate of mine sold some of his rig recently and was hit with 150 quid or somethin in charges.

I sold my bass and instantly lost 50 odd quid on charges :(

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but before you confirm your listing ebay tells you how much it's going to cost no? at that point you say fuck it and back out - not after it's sold... can't really protest when they've told you in advance and you've clicked the "ok, i'll pay your bloody money" button...

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Can't complain about eBay charges. Any local auction house takes their cut so opening up your item to a worldwide marketplace ain't exactly going to be free.

May as well complain about local shops selling stuff on your behalf and taking a cut of the proceeds!! The evil capitalist b*st@rds!!! How dare anyone provide a service and expect to get paid for it!! Makes you sick.

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