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Mixing? Mastering?


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(I'm guessing you meant to say "recorded a bunch of tracks"?)

cubase, logic, protools, nuendo, reaper, reason, cakewalk....

I can't recommend Reaper enough. For the price ($50 I believe) you will not find anything with as much routing capability. I downloaded it when it was still freeware, but I understand that through beta testing it has improved ten-fold. Ultimately, it's a very powerful tool for very little cash.

Edit: Also, it's very light on the resources, and it's $60 now, not $50.

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Soundforge is pretty easy, and you can get it for free.

However you can't master on it properly. To master to commercial standards digitally you need something like Waves platinum which is serious money and if you want to master in the analogue domain it's really serious money even for just monitors capable of the quality required for mastering.

Also the ears required for commercial mastering are priceless.

Having said that, you can get a nice, loud half decent master by using something like Ozone.

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