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New band? Young talents?


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This is the deal:

Bar Beluga is looking for something new and fresh...

1. are you in a band and got together recently?

2. need some advertising?

3. want to perform and let people know about your band?

if any of these were 'yes' Beluga wants to hear from you.

As some of you might know, Beluga's got a different band on every saturday, but we will be doing special nights just for you guys. Aberdeen needs new bands, and we know they are definately out there... So if you want to do a gig at Beluga, atvertise yourself and be heard- get in touch...


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Hi, my band Empyrea have been in existence for a while, however only completed the line-up a few months ago. We're now looking to get the word out and your night sounds great. We have gigged consistently since September and have original material.

Though I don't like using this link, here's some really old mp3's of us. The recording is two years old and doesn't reflect our ability today.

MySpace.com - Empyrea - Aberdeen, UK - Metal / Death Metal / Experimental - www.myspace.com/empyreaband

New recording soon!

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hey, i'm in a band called Champion Of what? and we are a new band with our own material and we're really keen to start gigging in aberdeen and your night sounds like a great start, please have a listen to the songs on our myspace and tell us what you think, and if you have a slot for us...

MySpace.com - Champion Of What? - Aberdeen, UK - Punk / Rock / Rap - www.myspace.com/championofwhat

Thanks, Chris

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