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  1. That would be wednesday the 18th of Feb. It was in the title but the admin's edited it out.
  2. Come along to Tunnels next wednesday for a veritable feast of local metal! Empyrea - Technical Melo-Death Metal Haarbinger - Self described Pure Metal Dead Metal - Powerful Heavy/Thrash Metal Twisted Felony - Modern Thrash Doors @ 8 - Tax 3 Hope to see you there! www.empyreaband.com Empyrea on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads empyreaband@gmail.com
  3. Hey, I'd be interested in filling the bass slot. What sort of vocal style are you? Who would you compare your sound to?
  4. Nice one, the new material is way better than what's on myspace! As far as I know we're still playing Moorings, should be a good one. I spoke to one of the guys tonight and I think we're on for the Tunnels on Sunday as well. Thanks for your interest!
  5. Empyrea are actively looking for gigs in 2009! We are a six piece technical melo-death band with a full set of original material. We have lots of gigging experience, decent equipment and own transport. Our set is mega tight and we put on a good show every night, you wont be disappointed. You can listen to old recordings of us here: MySpace.com - Empyrea - Aberdeen, UK - Metal / Death Metal / Experimental - www.myspace.com/empyreaband We are in the process of recording a new album at the moment, the tracks online are two years out of date and don't reflect our ability to date. If you have anything coming up for us, please email me at: rossjharrison@gmail.com Thanks, Ross.
  6. Hi all, I'm looking at playing in a second band, preferably something Black or Death orientated. I can provide guitar or bass and backing vocals. Plenty of gigging and recording experience, good gigging equipment and own transport. I'm 22 and live in the center of town. I'm happy to audition for an existing band or start something new with like minded musicians. Willing to travel for the right band. Send me an email: rossjharrison@gmail.com Cheers, Ross.
  7. 750 for both (ono). Any Takers? I'll be slapping it on eBay soon if there's no interest. Cheers.
  8. Hi, my band Empyrea have been in existence for a while, however only completed the line-up a few months ago. We're now looking to get the word out and your night sounds great. We have gigged consistently since September and have original material. Though I don't like using this link, here's some really old mp3's of us. The recording is two years old and doesn't reflect our ability today. MySpace.com - Empyrea - Aberdeen, UK - Metal / Death Metal / Experimental - www.myspace.com/empyreaband New recording soon!
  9. Hi, what are your influences and do you have any material written?
  10. In out the box condition. I bought this set up to jam and play small venues with nearly a year ago. I couldn't find any musicians into what I'm into, so joined a band on bass to fill time. I'm now pretty involved with it and need cash to upgrade my bass kit. This amp has only been played in my living room a handful of times, it really is mint. In my opinion, the sounds you can get out of this thing smokes everything else I've tried of it's size and even far bigger. I play a lot of extreme metal and this really is a treat for any style you can think of, crunchy old school sounds, punchy raw modern sounds, you name it. The Z5 switch (an expensive extra) has four different buttons for clean/dirty/crunch/heavy, a reverb switch and a master volume boost. You can preset all the sounds on the amp, including the amount of reverb and the increase in master volume. The reverb switch is fantastic, While playing Black Metal riffs, flipping the switch on the lead lines is just glorious. Here's the Harmony Central reviews - Engl Screamer 50 112 Combo : Harmony Central User Reviews I'll be really sorry to see this go as I know I'll want it again in the future. Unfortunately, I really need to sort out some decent bass kit asap. I'm looking at 800 (ono) for both, I paid over 1000 online. As I say, it is as new with manual. If you're interested contact me at: rossjharrison@gmail.com Thanks, Ross.
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