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  1. Marshall 1960A angled cabinet near mint condition barely gigged £200 Drew
  2. bump 400 for the head 200 for the 4x12 cab near mint condition anyone?
  3. hey walt yeah 400 unless you want ronz one lol
  4. Save up and buy Bare knuckles man you'll never look back. Website has all the information on the sound your looking for, for example Warpig has massive amounts of output and lots of low end. If you want output but more biting high you might want the miracle man or the nail bombs. Also some of the neck pairing pickups are shit hot like the cold sweats. I have the calibrated nailbombs in an SG and in my PRS a miracle man bridge and a mule neck. Unbelievable sound and output. I recently bought a ESP Horizon which came with Duncans as standard which are pale in comparison and feedback alot faster than the knuckles. If you email Tim at bareknuckle and tell him what your looking for he'll sort you out and will even tweak your pickups for you (slighlty more output or treble etc). Knuckles+metal=100 tonnes of win
  5. Hey guys selling the above aforementioned head for £500 barely used gigged about 8 times 1960A Cab 4x12 same condition with casters £300. i will also consider offers/trades thanks Drew
  6. thanks for replies so far guys what kind of styles/experience you guys have? also we are aged 23 22 and 25 based mostly in aberdeen if that helps anyone.
  7. Band currently made up of 3/5's of old Aberdeen metal band Legacy. Looking for committed band member whose chilled out and easy to work with. Like to combine crushing brutality with some progressive stylings and melodic licks/solos. cheers Drew
  8. Bassist required for Melodic groove based death metal. If you can scream/sing a bit that would be great but not a problem if you cant Cheers
  9. Boss multitrack recorder used but great condition 500
  10. Marshall JCM DSL 100 Head 500 Marshall 1960 A 4x12 300 Used but incredible condition, barely used.
  11. Marshall DSL 100 head and 1960A 4 x12 cab. willing to sell together or stand alones pm me for more info
  12. Marshall 1960A angled cabinet, 4x12 celestion T75 speaker which came as standard. a couple years old but old gigged about 7 times excellent condition 280 private message or response to this thread if your intersted Thanks Drew
  13. Marshall 1960A 4x12 Cabinet used a handful of times excellent condition. 300 Boss BR1600 CD Multitrack recorder. Used but excellent condition. 400 Please feel free to PM me for anymore information or details cheers.
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