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Hooray for Humans + Cast of the Capital + Sicktrick + The Boy Orchestra

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For those who may want to venture to dundee for a friday night gig

poster to follow...

Hooray for Humans is a wonderful band from Crok in Ireland. They have that great girl + boy + shouting + singing + harmonies + cool keys aplenty thing going on. Brilliant indie pop to make one grin like you do when you hear Mates of State, Johnny Foreigner, Los Campesinos, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Appleseed Cast etc

MySpace.com - Hooray For Humans - Cork, IE - Pop / Electro / Death Metal - www.myspace.com/hoorayforhumansband

Cast of the Capital are one of the best band kicking around from Aberdeen right now and return for the first time since their appearence with Stapleton at the City Function Suite in July 2008. Great indie pop with a nod to Death Cab for Cutie, the Shins, The Dismemberment Plan and the 'Ton.

MySpace.com - Cast Of The Capital - Aberdeen, UK - Indie - www.myspace.com/castofthecapital

SickTrick return to gigging in Dundee for the first time in ages and ahead of UK and Euro tour plans for 2009. Fast, Technical and Melodic pop/punk songs that feature some of the best guitar tune-smithing around these parts. Nods to the likes of Straighten Things Out, Belvedere, PMX and Pendleton.

MySpace.com - Sicktrick - Dundee, UK - Post punk / Progressive / Metal - www.myspace.com/sicktrick

The Boy Orchestra are one of the best new bands to come out of Dundee in ages. Brilliant, danceable indie pop songs well beyond their youthful years. Somewhere between Bloc Party, Modest Mouse, Seafood, Hot Club De Paris.

MySpace.com - The Boy Orchestra ( MORE NEW TOONES!!!!!) - Dundee, UK - Alternative / Powerpop / Rock - www.myspace.com/theboyorchestratbo

this will be 4 at (the all new and improved) Dundee's Balcony Bar taking place on Friday 6th February.


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Guest idol_wild
you are more than welcome to crash round these parts phil :)

That's good to know man, thanks a bunch.

It'll work nicely as there is a gig in Edinburgh I want to go to the following night. :up:

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