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Hip Hop anyone?


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Atmosphere is a group, consisting of two members Slug, and Ant (the producer)

'Atmosphere is a hip-hop group from Minneapolis that centers around rapper Slug (aka Sean Daley). The son of a black father and a white mother who divorced when he was a teenager, Slug became entranced with hip-hop, graffiti, and breakdancing, and formed the Rhyme Sayers Collective with two high school friends -- Siddiq Ali (Stress) and Derek Turner (Spawn). After some early gigs as Urban Atmosphere, where Slug DJed behind Spawn's rhyming, the pair hooked up with producer Ant (Anthony Davis), as well as like-minded locals such as MC Musab, Mr. Gene Poole, and the Abstract Pack, forming an underground hip-hop clique dedicated to freestyling, clever and complex lyrics, and anti-gangsta positivity....' More here

Oh also, i strongly dissagree with ChinoXL being any good.

On my bahalf i recommend to Little brother, J Rawls, Superscientifiku, J Live, Asheru and of course Mos Def.

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atmosphere is not a group it is a white guy.......

if you like hip hop' date=' german hip hop is better than french....although sian supa crew pretty good.

Best hip hop is 'chino xl', 'Big L', 'Jedi Mind Tricks' and 'The Arsonists'

download that shit, easily the best rappers around apart from Big l cause he dead.[/quote']

Have only heard the Arsonists from a Matador sampler. Why not try some PEST, Dalek, Temple of HH culture, Caveman Speaks, African Hip hop, Middle East HH generally - try DJ Rupture mixes / Mutamussik's mixes, Vadim, Boom Bip & Dose One, New Kingdom, Chill EB etc etc

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chino xl is the best freestyler living today... apart from maybe KRS 1 or Pharoe Monch or Crooked I

crooked I has one in particular............

unstoppable rhymes mixed with philosophical lines

have you people follow me like Optimus Prime

Cockin this nine to pop ya

permanent disfugurement has you rockin half a mask like the fantom of the opera

whatch how fast i drop ya

you thought you had win here

but like watching flicks with six chicks i'm the hardest one in here

when crooked i spots these fake cliques

they better be able to dodge bullets like the matrix or take six

and so on but its quality

just thought i'd share that with you all

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