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  1. djricochet

    Ab-mus memories

    Yeah i was trying to remember what the other 1 was called before it became that Irish bar, they used to do some mad thing on a screen where you got all your drinks free. It used to happen to us nearly every time we went there, they must of lost so much money so it's little wonder it shut
  2. djricochet

    Ab-mus memories

    It was actually the bar further down the hill from Six Degrees North, i once got £50 for playing there for less than an hour coz it turned out they only wanted rock music
  3. djricochet

    Worst gig you ever played.

    ha ha they musta only made it for a year coz it made everyone puke, was the 1st time i'd seen orange spew
  4. djricochet

    Worst gig you ever played.

    was bells & irn bru in bottles from the glider in '96 for me
  5. djricochet

    Recording facilities

    I use B&B Studios, Pilrig St, Edinburgh, EH6 5AN
  6. I know a Lordie from London who does the Grime Report but i take it it isn't this guy. It's a shame he hasn't come back to the thread. There was a brilliant hip hop scene in aberdeen mid '99 to mid '02 then a brilliant r'n'b scene mid '02 to mid '05 but after that i couldn't comment. Shy & DRS the rap twins from Aberdeen had 4 singles in the uk top 200 & the scottish top 40 between 2012 & 2015. Grime blew up nationally but there has never seemed to be a grime scene in Aberdeen, Sway was supposed to do Tiger but never showed & Shogun was recently supposed to do the tunnels but again this didn't happen.
  7. Excuse my ignorance but why would a President be any different to a Prime Minister?
  8. djricochet

    Aberdeen Local Music Scene Survey

    done, you forgot the link in your other post
  9. djricochet

    Happy St Patrick's Day at midnight!

    Official music video: St Patrick's Day version available exclusively on Bandcamp for 24 hrs: http://shrapnel3.bandcamp.com/track/lets-drink-out-the-bar-happy-st-patricks-day-ft-don-goliath
  10. djricochet

    Rapper looking for anyone to make music with

    I might be interested in collaborating, you got any stuff online? Here's my collaboration with London producer Redd Tune:
  11. djricochet

    Hip hop/DJ/Rap Producer Wanted

    Alright mate, you into britcore? Check out my stuff:
  12. djricochet

    Looking for New Music

    Wow ur taste is very specific, my fave band of all time Pop Will Eat Itself were described as Industrial on their '94 album after they were apparently influenced by Trent Reznor. I know its not new but u a fan of NIN or PWEI at all?
  13. djricochet

    Your first ever gig in Aberdeen?

    The Shamen, The Ministry Of Sin, Feb 5th 1996. I remember the date coz it was my 18th birthday that day.
  14. djricochet

    Aberdeen Hip Hop Scene Discussion

    Shrapnel is from Aberdeen: Redd Tune ft Shrapnel, Ade & GadmanDubz - Burst A Vein