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  1. I'm selling my electric guitar, hardly used (it never left my room), with a guitar stand and mini amp. Guitar is a blue satin ESP LTD M-50, Exactly like this image, but i can email you pictures of my one, which has a shoulder strap attached to it. The Amp is a Marshall MG 15 watt amp like this one: I will send a photo of guitar on stand, plus amp if you send me your email address. All this for 170, perfect for anyone starting out. It can be picked up near Cults area or can it be arranged to meet in town for it.
  2. has anyone got a spare ticket for this? message me if you do. thanks
  3. michael why dont you take up karate again? exercise is definately the way forward, im used to doing five times a week of pretty tough training, (we aint british champs for nothing) and now that im not where my sports clubs are its gone down, and my mood goes down with it...though the plus side, at home we HAVE nothing but healthy food! In holland literally everyone cycles, here many people are in danger of death by obesity, perspective anyone? britain just needs a serious health reality check, which is very slowly starting to happen!
  4. Cloud - camphill is not private, its a charity funded by the government, people have to get social work to fund them to go there as it is very very expensive, and social work do not much like children going to residential schools, as its cheaper to put them into mainstream education(im sure its not as simple as that), and while this may be of help to some, lots of people with special needs do not cope well, get ridiculed etc etc you'll have heard it all before. The two camphill places situated in bieldisde and milltimber, well enter them and you wouldnt know you're near a city centre at all, theres lots of land, its spacious and beautiful, and your comment about camphill moving into the country, well thats just bloody ridiculous. A guy called Karl Konig started up camphill based on the philosophies by Rudolf steiner over 50 years ago (why dont you google it), in the very place now known as camphill estate, murtle is an addition as it grew, camphill house is a beautiful house, with its own library started by mr konig, harbouring years of history of the place, and by the way Konig and his colleagues, were jews escaping from Austria i do believe, there are camphill places all over the world, INCLUDING ones in further away places. Get a clue before you write such utter shit, please.' Utter selfishness' my ass, what they do there is help people, let the children reach their potential, through arts and crafts as well as an education suitable to their specific needs. You're right, you're not clued up at all.
  5. i did, let me quote: 'A Comparative Literary Analysis of the Presentation of Madness in The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, Girl Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen and Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho.' probably would have picked something different if i was doing it now, but i really enjoyed writing it at the time(is that sad?) but thats probably because i liked the books... I would recommend 19th C russian literature, dostoyevsky, turgenev etc, interesting stuff, good themes, not many people will do it. But yeah get a good start this xmas holiday, so many people leave it to the last minute, and thats just a waste because you need lots of time to make it quality, hell yeah!
  6. so you dont want that tour then, oh well the kids are on holiday anyway when im back, too bad. Maybe i'm wrong, but your tone clearly indicated a mocking attitude towards dr geider, and he was representing camphill so therefore i saw it as you mocking camphill, which is what got me mad in the first place. But since you know so much, i must have read it entirely wrong, and have to apologise for my hastful response. I guess it probably wont disrupt camphill estate as much as it would have to murtle (ie isnt right beside it), i wouldnt know as im not in aberdeen and havnt seen/read the news so dont even know where this road will be, because they are essentially the same school just in two locations.
  7. well for all you fans, lets make you jealous- today i had the pleasure of doing weights with the 'all blacks' -new zealand rugby team, only the best rugby team in the world, now that *is* cool. They were preparing for their game this weekend. Wasn't a rugby fan, but think i shall start from now...
  8. you only look as silly as you feel
  9. im gonna go on neighbours and be his new love interest, just you wait
  10. well what about a hat, a scarf and a nice pair of gloves, protection is the key, dont go complaining if you dont dress properly!!!
  11. born in holland, lived, moved, went to school, left aberdeen when it all seemed possible, occasionally come back to get fed and meet up with long lost friends/lovers and estranged husbands now spend time being intellectual and other such things, in a world of apparent make-believe. and now i live in the best flat, on the royal mile, care to stop by for some tea? i have blue eyes, and i enjoy long walks on the beach!
  12. on a funnier note: im now doing a gym + weights program, specially made by a mr sports scientist dude, which involves me in the free weights gym with all the buff guys, who know gym terminology and all that, and im bench pressing 25k i'll have you know....erm yeah its not for muscle but for speed, gotta love them squats, help! tom, me and you , arm wrestle, outiside now!
  13. tha handyman who just came to fix our backwards fridge, the fact that i can speak russian, no wait that makes me laugh
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