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Slanted + Enchanted Club Launch! De Rosa + Meursault + Come in Tokyo + Esperi, 12 Dec

Guest idol_wild

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Guest idol_wild

Slanted and Enchanted Club Night Launch

A genuine alternative.

A brand spanking new club night for those alternatively-inclined in Aberdeen. The plan is to have ace live bands, lots of giggles, and bloody ace guest and resident DJs playing alternative indie, pop, rock, electronica, soul, motown, dance, and whatever else takes their fancy! Sick of Exodus? Yeah, me too...

Live bands:

De Rosa

MySpace.com - DE ROSA - Glasgow, Lanarkshire, UK - www.myspace.com/wearederosa

Glasgow Art Schooled kids De Rosa are not your typical Art Schoolians; they blend traditional folk leanings with US underground influences to create a cohesive blend of folk, rock and pop. Brooding and twisting melodies are augmented by a cerebral approach to song structure and subject matter. Possibly one of the most important and underrated acts on the Scottish alternative music circuit just now. Full-length album Mend out on Mogwai's Chemikal Underground label now.

"All too rarely you stumble across a band that stands head and shoulders above the crap and leaves you gasping for breath, De Rosa are one of those bands" - The Fly

For fans of Talking Heads, Pavement, Mark Kozelek, Stapleton.


MySpace.com - Meursault - Edinburgh, UK - Showtunes / Live Electronics / Acousmatic / Tape music - www.myspace.com/meursaulta701

The shape of folk to come - Meursault are a blisteringly evocative electro-folk collective from Edinburgh based around the astonishing song-writing talents of Neil Pennycook, whose songs are romantic, melancholic, witty, and ultimately bloody brilliant! This is the Aberdeen leg of their album launch, Pissing on Bonfire/Kissing with Tongues.

"One of Scotland's records of the year" - The Skinny

"An unassuming triumph of glum-pussed Scottish charm" - Drowned in Sound

For fans of Xiu Xiu, The Notwist, Iron & Wine, Postal Service.

Come in Tokyo

MySpace.com - Come In Tokyo - Edinburgh, UK - Alternative / Indie / Rock - www.myspace.com/c0meint0ky0

Edinburgh two-piece Come in Tokyo specialise in fantastically poppy indie pogo rock. Having bagged a couple of releases through Fence Records, Come in Tokyo describe themselves as "Grab you by the balls and juggle type songs featuring ragged geetar and ragevox -vs- pounding drums". Sounds pretty sweet, eh?

For fans of The White Stripes, Pavement, Pixies, Guided by Voices, The Fall.


MySpace.com - esperi - carnoustie/dundee, UK - Folk / Electronica / Alternative - www.myspace.com/esperi

Esperi make their return to the Aberdeen stage after woo-ing audiences in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee. Controlled, restrained and delicate folk-pop musings about the simple things in life - cycling, walking the dogs, meeting someone special, and appreciating your family. What a perfect way to begin a night of absolute awesome.

For fans of Owen, Belle & Sebastian, Adem, Akron/Family.



20:00 - 03:00


MySpace.com - Slanted and Enchanted Club Night - Aberdeen, UK - Alternative / Indie / Pop - www.myspace.com/slantedandenchantedclub

Poster to follow...

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Guest idol_wild
fuck, you never told me de rosa were playing(or you did and i was drunk). sweet! sounds like good times.

I think I told you I was in negotiations. But yes, you were too boozy to absorb the information! :)

None to shabby a line-up! Will the bands be early? Late? Spread out? Can old buggers be guest dj's?

At the moment, I running the night like a normal gig but the DJs that follow will play good follow-on music. If the atmosphere is open to it, then I may spread the bands out to last until after midnight.

And yes, old buggers can definitely be guest DJs. If you and the other IMP exponents want to DJ then you're more than welcome.

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Guest idol_wild
yeah super nice poster , reminds me of a place i like to stop and rest .i never really do covers but i might learn a pavement song for this :)

Do it! I think Esperi would suit a cover of We Dance.

Though the Pavement thing is tongue-in-cheek ;)

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Guest idol_wild

TEENAGE LUST are providing the dj'ing for the night!

For those not in the know, Teenage Lust features one quarter of Copy Haho. The cool quarter.

MySpace.com - Teenage Lust - Stonehaven, UK - Melodramatic Popular Song - www.myspace.com/teenagelustlabel

MySpace.com - Teenage Lust Club - 27 - Male - Aberdeen, UK - www.myspace.com/teenagelustparty

I can't tell you what they're gonna play...maybe they will.

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Guest idol_wild
I suppose I could come along to this... I hope this will be a similar success to ye olden times of the Tunnels where there were cool tunes and loads of folk too, I'm too much of an old man for Exodus these days.

It's what I am rooting for!

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I'm too much of an old man for Exodus these days.

I'm starting to feel this way as well... the last time I was there I realised that about 10-12 folk there were kids I taught. That sobers you up pretty quickly :down:

On the plus side though, like you; I don't look as old as my years :up:

Back on topic: when this was announced I thought "That clashes with something i'm doing that night" and now I can't think what it was/is... ?( So perhaps I will make it?*

*Even though I really don't like De Rosa. I've tried hard to like them... but no joy.

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