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Marlin Guitars


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I got a Marlin Slammer for a tenner from the British Heart Foundation shop a few months ago.......I used it at a Matricarians gig in the Music Club (RIP) three weeks ago......as well as playing it I drilled holes into it for a laugh. Next gig I'm taking a saw and a mallet to it.

Your mate is wrong, and you are right!

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my dad has a marlin slammer a strat shaped guitar with a maple fretboard and the 'marlin' on the 12th fret,

pretty horrible to play but needs a decent set-up,

i also had a 24 fret flying v guitar with "marlin" on the headstock, 2 humbuckers, tune-o-matic bridge, horribly lightweight, and a sparkle finish, it was disgusting. no sign of the "fish" anywhere. I acquired it after swapping a mg practice amp with my mate, got rid of it after a few months.

I don't think that the flying v was made by the same "marlin" as who makes the slammers etc

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its all flooding back to me... there was a guy who owned a marlin fat strat copy with a full floating trem. he couldnt string bend worth a shit so he loosened off the springs to make the trem sit forward. then to do a bend up, say a tone, he simply pulled back on the trem!


not satisfied with that he loosened the springs further so he could do 2 & 1/2 tone bends and proceeded to break strings with monotonous regularity. he seemed pretty pleased with himself.

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