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Who's a c**t? Ticketmaster, that's who!

Blair Quik

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Seriously, this is rubbish.

I've been trying all morning to get Metallica tickets for the SECC, since tickets (apparantly) went on sale at 9am. The website told me there were none available, the phone line (when I finally got through) didn't even mention the SECC gig, and then when I tried to book tickets for Newcastle it told me that my credit card number was invalid - and I tried all three of my cards! RAAR!

Also, the SECC ticket line is pants. When you finally do get a ringtone no-one picks up.

The same thing happaned when I tried to get tickets for The Killers in Aberdeen.

Now I'm faced with a dilemma, do I pay way the fuck too much money for some tickets just to line some greasy faced touts pockets, or do I uphold my values and be pissed off that I never went to the gig of my life?

Did anyone actually manage to get tickets, and if so what is your Jedi secret?!

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ah dude I had exactly the same problem. Me and my mate got up before 9am to go online to get the tickets and everything and the whole SECC server crashed and ticketmaster is just a bastard.

then in like 5minutes the whole gig is apparently sold out and I see pricks selling tickets on ebay!


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