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Superman T-shirts


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Turned out all right in the end even if it took a day of work, bought blue T-shirts in New Look, there was a 3 for 10 deal (Primark only has navy or turquoise t shirts). Then went to PC World and got iron-on printing paper, found a logo on the net and printed them myself.

Total cost of each shirt was 4 and my lacrosse team made a rather dashing group of Clark Kents.

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Lacrosse is the one sport I've never understood just by watching.

Can you just run as far as you want with the wee ball in your fishing net or what? It's a very confusing looking event.

In the mens game you can run as far as you want with the ball but it's generally accepted that the fastest way to get the ball up the field is through a series of clearing passes so you wont often see a single player run up the whole field with the ball in his stick. The rules are quite complicated and I'll admit that it's difficult to watch unless you've actually played the game.

It's great fun though, helps me get my contact sports fix now that I no longer play rugby.

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