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Dylan Carlson (Earth) will be touring November/December


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Guest idol_wild

I dunno, he seems really punchable after watching Kurt & Courtney.

Maybe that'd be a good reason to go!

I think it'd get a fair bit of interest, but I'm almost certain you'd lose money. Maybe liaise with the Sound Festival people?

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Sounds interesting...nearly went to see Earth in Glasgow over summer (poss. the same show Richard went to.....Captain's Cabin??).

Nope it was at the Scala in London, I'll admit that I haven't really heard a lot of later Earth stuff so it was almost obvious that I was going to be disappointed. I didn't expect so many chords and notes! I'd have been content with one.

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Isn't that the guy who bought Kurt Cobain his shotgun? I'd go and throw a pie at him.

Yeah, because obviously he then forced him to pull the trigger.

Who bought Kurt the plane ticket from LA to Seattle? Maybe you should buy a pie to throw at the pilot? Or the taxi driver that took him to the house? Or the builders that buily it?

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