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theres a lot of bands wouldnt mind seeing.....

like: (the official list)



Turning 13

Ten Easy Wishes

Hot Mangu

Alyssa's Wish

My Minds Weapon

Eric Euan

Gilman Street

i've never actually seen a punk band in aberdeen, thats from aberdeen. i've seen Certainly not the worst, but they're from buckie also.

just out of interest - when's any of the above's next gig?

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Guest The Tourist


Quik - Dunno

PoO - August sometime

Turning 13 - Every day for the rest of your life

Ten Easy Wishes - This Saturday in Alford

Hot Mangu - Da ken

Alyssa's Wish - Never

My Minds Weapon - Tuesday June 8th, Doghouse, Dundee

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Originally posted by black plastic flag:

heres the next month of turning 13 gigs...

sunday 13th - lemon tree (aberdeen)

wednesday 16th - Rockers (glasgow)

friday 18th - studio 24 (edinburgh)

wednesday 23rd - loft (forres)

july so far...

saturday 10th - Barfly (glasgow)

dont forget mon June 21st with Mercury Tilt Switch at drakes!!!!

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Originally posted by Aileen:

i FINALLY got to see Point last night and fuck yeah! it was awesome

Thanks very much!

If you wanna see Quik and Point, we're both playing on the 7th August @ Moshulu.

(Alyssa's Wish are playing on the 14th)

And yeah, join our forums too.

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Originally posted by psydoll:

They're nae playing that date any more Bob - split up and no further gigs but there will be a last CD release.

They never told me that when I spoke to them on Sunday. Though, having said that, they were convening for a "band meeting" when I saw them. I'm pretty gutted, but the fact that Steve and Kris are carrying on with a project together softens the blow.

You know, the first time I met Kris he was drunk in a pub. I dunno why that story is appropriate, but I just wanted to mention it since I still have a hangover from last night and I'm thinking about the evils of drinking right now.

Originally posted by Camie:

ive got a feeling the gig with point and quik is gonna be very good?

I'll ask the rest of the band and get back to you on that one.

Originally posted by Camie:

Is gilman street playing too? that would be added pleasure if they were.

No they're not. So stop trying to add pleasure to your pleasure, you wicked little boy.

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