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How weird is this?

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Men find dead dolphin in garden

Mystery surrounds the discovery of a dead dolphin in the garden of two sailors in Dorset who live on a steep hill half a mile from the sea.

Mike Elliott, 28, and housemate Gary Harvey, woke to find the 3ft dolphin at their home in Portland on Thursday.

The mammal appeared to have two puncture wounds in its stomach as if it had been speared.

Police carried out house-to-house inquiries but said there was no evidence a crime had been committed.

Mr Harvey, 23, said: "I woke up, looked out of my window and saw what appeared to be a dolphin in the garden.

'No tidal wave'

"I went downstairs to have a closer look and that confirmed it - there was a three foot dolphin in the back garden.

"I really don't know how it got there. I was pretty amazed. I thought I was dreaming to start with.

"There was no tidal wave and we live about half a mile from the sea quite a bit above sea level at the top of Portland so it must have been dumped there."

The two men, both Royal Navy marine engineers, called police who made enquiries about the dolphin.

"There was no evidence a criminal offence had been committed," a Dorset Police spokesman added.

Environmental health officers from Weymouth and Portland Borough Council were contacted and removed the mammal, which died of unknown causes.


From BBC News - England - Men find dead dolphin in garden


That's kind of strange is it not?

Has anyone got any ideas on how that happened?

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surely the evidence that a criminal offence had been committed was that there was a dolphin half way up a hill in someones bloody garden. it hardly would've walked up the hill.

my money is dolphin dies at sea or is severely injured, gets washed up on the beach and kids dump it in someone's garden as a prank. i guess that might not be a crime but it's hardly cricket.

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I think it's a little suspicious.

Why are the owners of the house not being questioned, eh?

Maybe they killed a dolphin, then in a bout of panic, they phoned the police, claiming their innocence? What were they up to the night before?

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Guest Neutral

why use the blowhole when you can make your own?

How many men do you reckon could knob a dolphin at one time by creating their own holes. You'd have to find out diameter of cocks * x/y = < skin areao_O

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I read in the the sun (and sorry stripey) that both mike and gary the garden owners where marine biologists and immediatly found the entire story suspicious.

I love to quote the sun.....100% facts you get daily for 20p ;)

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