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NEW My Minds Weapon video!

Dan G

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A nice tasty 3 and half minutes of modern thrash for you to enjoy. :)

MY MINDS WEAPON - The Killing Horizon on Vimeo


it'll be up on youtube soon enough, but these sites have destroyed the quality of the video, which is a shame. The real version is razor sharp.

It should be up on the tv stations soon as well. Extreme Sports channel made us band of the year with our last video which was pretty nice of them.

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The hooky part at the very end of the song is really good. I personally think that whoever wrote it is wasted on chug-grr-weeeee.

Cheers, that was me! Although our chug-chug etc bits are easy to dismiss as lowest-common-denominator-metal, they are actually pretty rhythmically complex. It's all off beat, syncopated and either polyrhythmic or ever changing time-signatures. If we tuned lower those bits would get compared to meshuggah... Ultimately though, if you don't like them, you don't like them. However, I like those bits as much as I do thash riffs, guitar solos, dissonant chords and ambient soundscapes so they will always crop up at some point in my songs :)

Must have been a slow year...

What a useful comment :up:

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