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Charlemagne, Denison Witmer & MickelMass @ Dr Drakes Wed 2nd June 04


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Interesting Music are delighted to announce another special night for

your delectation, featuring the only Scottish date on the UK tour:-

Charlemagne (US)

Denison Witmer (US)


Wednesday 2nd June 04

Dr Drakes

Doors 8pm

Door Tax 5

Now read on for enlightenment:

Charlemagne live @ the

12 Bar Club, London

Review Friday May 21, 2004

The Guardian

Carl John, he of the versatile voice and upturned moustache, is the frontman of alt-country band Noahjohn, who specialise in frenzied hoe-downs and psychedelia. His colleagues, having just made an album berating George Bush, are currently taking a break from putting the world to rights with a pedal steel guitar - so to keep himself busy, John has created Charlemagne, a ared-down alter ego with a personality disorder. Throughout Charlemagne's self-titled debut album, John assumes various personalities and their emotional traumas. It's like an episode of Quantum Leap with a morally bankrupt ending. He finds frustration in a love affair with a junkie and becomes a

murderer with a troubled conscience, the soft, authentic rhythms smothering the misery. Although Charlemagne is a one-man creation, John is accompanied on stage by an all female band who appear to have been recruited from a religious cult high in the Appalachian mountains. The drummer, A12, has a tattoo snaking between her cleavage - but she looks like a librarian next to the two backing vocalists. Wearing long polyester

dresses of a kind last seen on satellite re-runs of 1970s sitcom Bless This House,

Katie Did and Lady Bird add off-kilter harmonies to John's low, gentle voice, while sporadically knitting. Katie Did finishes off the bottom half of a pink bikini; Lady Bird makes a blue scarf. John is no cowboy himself. Dressed in a light brown suit, he

looks as if he has wandered out of an old management training video. However, as he wades through the damaged psyches of his creations, he overcomes this superficial strangeness. He melts over the summery, west coast-meets-Nashville sound

of Holland Daisy, whistling as the retro keyboard hums. Take the slow-dripping country waltz out of In Absentia and you're left with a pop song. Whether he is turning Angel of the Morning from a shrill MOR classic into a desperate plea, or tearing into the Noahjohn-influenced 1960s beat of Pink and Silver, John's new guises never fail to flatter him.


Logo Review - Josh Timber_

Denison Witmer

"Philadelphia Songs"

(Bad Taste)

Released: 19 April 2004

Absent of any hint of fuss or pretence, Denison Witmer is not your typical American singer-songwriter. A grainy, hopeful strain of folk rock, Philadelphia Songs gently explores the optimistic depths beyond the mournful work of melancholic touchstones Tom Waits and Nike Drake. Never maudlin nor bland despite its minimalist folk - and occasional slide - guitars Philadelphia Songs talks lovingly of Witmers adopted-home; his first-person narratives rich with nostalgia and lovingly scripted observations, hauntingly bringing to mind the work of the late Elliott Smith with its painful honesty. A literal patchwork of reserved melodies - run through with Witmers soft, warm burr - this debut British release is an unequivocal joy and pushes Witmer forward as a songwriter of considerable wealth.



Local well-kent faces featuring a set which will be improvised psychedelic country & will compliment the evenings activities.

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Mr Chilli,

SiCut - fantastic last night but oh woe where were the crowds? The new SiCut alblum (Find Some Shade) is a total blast - dub / drum 'n' bass affectionardos take note for the next time round. Charlemagne tomorrow at drakes - ANYBODY who loves good sounds will love this too!!

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Originally posted by Alan Cynic:

If 1 Kitchen Cynics turns up, can he get in for the price of half a Kitchen Cynic?

(This is just a joke, Chilli.....I will be there....at the sound check with a dulcimer and a tin whistle)

Would that make it a cynic(al) ploy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Originally posted by chilli:

if 3 clive ravensby's appear well let u in for the price of 2 clive revensbys

thats coz we like what u do

thanks for the offer, but one clive ravensby is in china and the other in finland, in the search for bears. Two clive ravensbys along with some friends will definately be there for Friday, the lineup looks very good indeed.

and thanks for the kind words :O , hope tonight goes well.


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