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Number puzzle thing from a couple of years back...

Sam the Eagle

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Hey, can anyone help, I think it was on here a couple of years ago there was a link to a word and number puzzle game, where you had to find the answer and put it in the address bar to move onto the next page. There were pages that only appear when you highlighted selected words and things. I seem to remember people getting quite frustrated by it.

I've tried searching for it, I know it'll be hidden down the back of the internet somewhere but I can't find it.

Anyone remember and happen to have a link?

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up to level 16 but had to use the hints in the forum a couple of times. It gets easier once you start thinking along the same lines as the guy who made it.

I'm now stumped on level 3.

It's the clue with the phonetic alphabet. The hint on the page is to use a megaphone.

Any other hints? The clues on the forum for this one are clear as mud.

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