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Chris Jericho


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Anybody else hope he's going to come back soon and take the belt off Orty? There's been a lot of hype about him coming back recently, and he's been seen at the WWe headquarters. TNA said they were in negotiations with him but he pulled out because he had chosen WWE. As they say there's no smoke without fire....

I fucking love Y2J and I have the coffee mugs and t-shirts to prove it.... :popcorn:


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I'm loving the build up to this. I reckon it's almost a dead cert he'll be back at Survivor Series (the promos that aired during Cyber Sunday had the date of SS in them but the older ones had the No Mercy date too so that might be a clue to throw us off) or one of the RAW's either side of it since USA are wanting better ratings. Was pretty disappointed he didn't return t No Mercy or Cyber Sunday but the wait'll make it better when he does come back. I don't think he'll be wrestling straight away though. Apparently he's lost of a lot of weight and WWE want him to bulk up to his former size to make him a realistic championship contender. As long as he comes back and does some quality promos for a while before wrestling again I'll be happy. :up:

The save_us.222 vignettes are the best thing WWE's done for ages.

Anyone read his book? I highly recommend it. It's not as good as Foley's first one but it's a close second. Some of his stories are pretty amazing.

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Jericho's lost his main event stautus already to feud with JBL.

Not that I'm worried, as Jeff hardy has risen the bar so high in his current program with Orton.

He had a cage match with Umaga this past Monday - It was as close to a five star I've seen in recent years. Orton was prowling outside of the cage the whole time, smashed the door in Hardy's face and was pumped to get in the cage. Really intense stuff from Orton, who played his part despite not even being in the match.

Hardy gave Umaga the best chair shot in ages, literally chucking it off his face. He took a fair beating until he hit the twist of fate then proceded to perform whisper in the wind off the top of the cage. Mindblowingly good stuff.

Hardy's the best wrestler in WWE just now - He's rasied the bar so high with his recent push and the inclusion of a good storyline (Orton kicked shit out of Matt while Jeff was in a match - Jeff is IC champ and wants both titles - Orton is a maniac in short) just elevates him higher.

Anyone who's a wrestling fan should check out Monday's RAW just for the cage match. I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I did. I was literally applauding at the end when he jumped off the cage!

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That cage match was UNBELIEVABLY good. Especially for it being on TV for free. Whisper In The Wind from the top of the cage? Jeff Hardy, you're fucking nuts. The chair shot he gave Umaga was pure (old ECW) Sabu. Talking of great moves, did anyone see Wang Yang/Morrison's 450 monkey flip on ECW? Crikey. That comes a close second for move of the year so far.

I don't mind Y2J feuding with JBL instead of being in the main event. The promos will be gold. Plus it's about time Hardy got in the main event mix and he's proving all the smarks wrong a little bit more week after week. I could believe in him as champion now. The only thing that made it hard to back him as a heavyweight contender before were his mic skills but they've improved ten fold in a couple of months.

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