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MAIDEN SCOTLAND with L.A.P. and Black Atom

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Maiden Scotland are an Iron Maiden tribute from, err, Scotland, featuring five excellent and experienced musicians recreating the sounds of the legendary British Heavy Metal band. Theyre the number one choice for Paul Dianno to use as his UK backing band, and we assume he would know something about it. 2007 has confirmed Maiden Scotland as one of the biggest and best Iron Maiden tributes, as anyone who has witnessed the live show will testify. Its a full on committed rock gig rather than a caberet act with dodgy wigs.

LAP came together bonded by a love for massive, passionate hard rock songs. Drawing influence from the Deftones to Queens of the Stone Age and Metallica (with even a touch of the late, great Bill Hicks), theres certainly a weighty musical intelligence in LAP, and even more so, a social awareness. Much of the feedback from magazines and fans alike uses the term defies pigeon-holing. By combining all of their influences from classic rock, punk, metal, soul, hip hop, hardcore and everything else - mixed with their own sense of timing, atmosphere and adventure - they've created a fresher, tighter, newer, jawdroppingly awesome sound.


Placed somewhere between Deftones and Biffy Clyro, these impressively ambitious articulate underdogs certainly deserve to enjoy wider recognition.


LAPs sound is far from derivative and seems to veer from straightforward screamo bluster to epic, reverb drenched grandiosity with the greatest of ease. It's catchier than head lice.


Manchester trio LAP are actually doing something daring and exciting. Their intense yet accessible blend of hardcore, punk and metal begs to be released from the constraints of a min-album.

Formed in 1998, Black Atom have spent years perfecting their art - the art of metal!! Supports with Thin Lizzy, Blaze Bayley and Breed77 cemented the band's reputation as one of the most electrifying live acts in Scotland. They bring a real, modern - and indeed slightly proggy - edge to traditional metal: imagine Metallica and Maiden falling down the stairs and landing on Dream Theatre and you're almost there. Exceptional song writing and musicianship combined with the ability to really entertain make this band really special. Having released their debut album on independent label Fat Hippy, theyve been taking time out to develop new material, and have been tempted back into the arena of rock only with the promise of hot fudge sauce.




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I have heard good things about him though thought he was still doing the Marillion thing as well?

In bed not well just now but fingers crossed I will be fine for Saturday as looking forward to this.

Nah, the Forgotten Sons split up a while back which was a real shame as they were a superb band, really pissed off I couldnt make Maiden Scotland this time, work thing came up last minute, next time definitely :)

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