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If you're going to buy any Jesu / Isis / Red Sparoes / Sunn O))) then I'd recommend gettting the Japanese versions of their albums from here - INOXIA Records

Most have bonus discs with them as well. Price is around $20 - $30 and it only took a week for stuff I ordered to arrive from Japan.

Look under Mail Order - English - Daymare Recordings.

Here's a selection....

Jesu - st

With Japan only bonus disc: exclusive EP (Your Path To Divinity [the endless path], Gurdian Angel [highest throne]) thick cardboard paper gatefold package

Release Date: October 5th $21

Jesu - Lifeline

Including Japan only bonus tracks (exclusive remixes)

Release Date: October 5th $16

JESU - Conqueror

with Japan only bonus disc (including the 2 Aurora Borealis ltd edition 12" tracks, which is not released as CD edition elsewhere) $23


Oceanic Remixes: Reinterpretations

Originally released as ltd.4 vinyl 12"s.

Different sleeve from US version by Aaron Turner.

(2004) $24

Red Sparowes - Every Red Heart Shines Toward The Red Sun

Including Japan only Bonus track (taken from their split release) (2006)





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For Isis, Oceanic and Panopticon are both comletely fantastic - the new one is a big let-down IMHO.

i'm still in love with panopticon. its the perfect album; for me anyway. Less heavy than oceanic but the way all the guitars and stuff come together and the melodies are just... yummy.

i don't agree that the new one is a big let down though. it is mellower, but i still enjoy a lot of it.

i really like the mosquito control ep. its kind of doomier, but with a bit of pace about it and some gorgeous riffs and stuff. the songs do tend to meander a bit though. I don't think much of The Red Sea, i'd avoid that.

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