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Joanna Newsom at The Royal Albert Hall

Swingin' Ryan

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It was the single greatest thing I have ever seen.

The Guardian review said it was "the sort of astonishing concert that makes you reconsider all the other great concerts you've been to" which is quite a statement, but it was totally justified.

Probably not going to bother having kids or getting married now, it'll just seem shit in comparison.

Anybody else go down?

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I heard from a number of sources that her Glasgow show earlier this year had a lot of people spontaneously crying because they were moved so much.

I can totally understand that, as soon as she sang the first line of Bridges and Balloons there was a kind of collective intake of breath around me, I've never seen a crowd so totally enthralled. She got two standing ovations!

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I've got some albums, but am still at the stage where her voice sounds too cloying at times....how was it live?

I've always loved her voice and it sounded pretty much as it does on the records, but she seemed to be singing slightly softer in the songs from 'Ys' as the orchestral pieces had been re-arranged for her band to be played, so her voice sounded slightly gentler in places so as to not lose the music of the band.

She played an incredible new song where she sang with a much lighter tone, it was almost choir like.

One of the things that amazed me most was the skill of her harp playing, how she manages to play so quickly and so precisely is totally baffling.

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Excuse my ignorance. Who is she?

She's an American Harp player and singer, probably best described as a Folk singer but as cliched as it sounds, you couldn't really put her in any sort of genre.

She's kind of well-known without being 'big' in the mainstream sense. She was popular enough to fill the Albert Hall but you wont see her plugging her single of T4.

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I saw her at the green man festival. She saved the longer numbers for the end and we decided to get closer to the stage. I was really moved and emotional after it. Her voice has really gotten much better i think. Although i always liked it anyway. People were leaving during the longer songs but i was totally hypnotized. And i remember smog singing during "only skin" and thinking how intimate it all seemed. An enormous gig, 10 thousand people. But i felt as though she was singing just for me. I know it's a cliche' but until then i'd never experienced that. She's clearly at the peak of her powers. Long may it continue.

(i should also note. I think her lyrics are excellent.)

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