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Reserving an area of a pub for a football game?


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Quick question. What with all these big football games coming up, I was looking to reserve an area of a pub for about 10-15 people in a couple of weeks... preferably in front of a huuuge telly.

Any suggestions? Do Illicit Still allow you to reserve their upstairs bar?

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I'm still wondering whether to watch the Dons game on Thursday at home, or at the Holburn Bar.

The service is a bit quicker at home, but the atmosphere is crap, whereas the Holburn has been known to attract quality neds such as Offramp and Andy Mulhern.:up:

Anyone who names their child Offramp is just willing them to become some sort of crazy character.
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On the contrary, you were early. Thursday, and the Aberdeen game, is tomorrow.

Quite correct...I was watching the Celtic match tonight.....no choice but go to the pub, as it wasn't on 'normal' tv.

Still undecided about tomorrow night.......the Holburn will probably win, but I'm playing at SNAFU later, so I might go somewhere more central.....any suggestions????

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