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The next Devin Townsend album!


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He is already working on the next album? Ziltoid has only been out for like 3 weeks! Im very happy!


A hugely complicated, dynamic metal 'symphony' thing...mainly instrumental...(except for the choir vox type shit) 72 minutes

I've already started it, and it's far over the top...the most complex thing to date.

tentative title: 2. (Zilly was 1)...whatever it's called, it's going to have a '2' in the upper right hand corner.

Maybe by Dec?

Seriously...FAR over the top...TONS of guitar...TONS of solos...TONS of layers, some Devlab / Hummer bits, some beauty, some hell...no breaks between songs...some super clean quiet bits...

No Ziltoid wackiness... I see it as a real DIY honest, adult thing. I want to write symphonies, but I'm a metal head, so here we go. I find it really natural.

Making music without touring IS a break as far as I'm concerned...

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I thought you would like it Dan. I got the digipack with a 15minutes Dev guitar lesson, awesome.

Kerrang gave it 2/5! which is weird as it really is IMHO one of the Dev's best albums. Strange because they then mentioned that Dev in unable to make bad albums... emm.. so why give it 2/5..fannies

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