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[GIG] 10 Easy Wishes + Little Kicks + Right Hand Left + Eddison @ The Tunnels

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Probably the most exciting aberdeen based band line up I've seen since the aubl days!

10 easy wishes are away off on a small tour to promote the soon to be released double A side 7" Kites/An Historic Event with with this sexually charged erotic pop tastic gig featuring all our best friends.


fiction action are shortly to be no more for a while after this show as 2 members are off to do different things. This could be your last chance to see one of the best live scottish acts around on the circuit just now! they are fucking ace live


Right Hand Left are also fucking ace live. I think everyone pretty much knows about them already




come and see 4 of the hottest, most exciting acts around!

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Guest Tam o' Shantie

not only will this promote the new 7", but there is even a small chance that we will have a few copies on us so get your pennies oot.

The 7" is a double A featuring 'Kites' and 'An Historic Event', mixed by the Phat Man himself and mastered by Robin Sutherland. Limited edition collectable wow single, 300 copies only, on bright green vinyl. Hand drawn artwork by Wailin' JJ Bull. and each one is hand numbered. Long live Tangible Records!

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Guest Tam o' Shantie

Our 7"s arrived today, if anyone wants to get their hands on a copy before the official release date of 23rd July, you better get your arses down to this mother hubbarding gig!



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Don't tell me you took the "school" bit seriously? :laughing:

After last weekend (30 taxis home on Thursday and Friday, and Thainstone on Saturday), I'm trying to minimise transport costs for a while... can't think why o_O

Good write-up there!

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